a reminder is NOT helpful

they now have a twitter service to send you encouraging tweets when you are trying to quit smoking. that makes about as much sense as no sense. just what you need while going about your day — a REMINDER that you are SUPPOSED to be craving a cigarette! while you’re at it why don’t you send pictures of sundaes to those on a diet? or dress alterboys in speedos ….


5 Replies to “a reminder is NOT helpful”

  1. I’ve had some major issues in the past and smoking was my last resort.
    I thought it would calm ,y nerves but it had an opposite reaction on me.
    I would feel panicky and anxious.
    Thanks for this simple yet great post !

    1. are welcome …..not everybody reacts the same, holds true for any biological modification. people will get different restults depending on genetics and background. smoking (nicotine) is considered a stimulant, and the relaxation and anxiety reduction is more attributable to a rhythmic effect from deeper breathing.

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