Windows 8: dear Microsoft

….. ever hear of biting off more than you can chew? Leaving the OS in the “on” position all the time is not good. YES, it was one way to circumvent the slow load-times. yes, start up and shut down are faster when the system is already ON.

however, when it fracks then it’s really fracked. and to set anything right you have to cold-cock the machine. which is not exactly a viable plan of action.

SINCE you are going this route, it needs to be perfection. and i’m not talking “good enough.” i am talking NO hiccups and debugging EVERY single thing to an inch of its life. you have something in the disk-check that is bypassing normal boot commands.

the time-out interval in metro needs to be extended by at least double of what is allotted now. and of course, as mentioned before, the MSspellcheck exe needs to be rewritten so that it responds adequately to commands from control. OR make it an “on/off” WITH auto-correct and let the user decide if they want the all-or-nothing.

typical user can’t do the cold-cock because are looking at a boot without the desktop theme …. which like 80% have no clue how to go into preferences and reset that. you might be able to write an .exe that does the function of a cold boot ………. but would have to guard it like the hole that it is. but then work into THAT exe the function to reset the theme back to what it was.

there seems to be a slow down of IE 10 over time ….. fixed by deleting the browsing history. but again, many average users (prob at least 60%) do not know how to clear a browsing history. what would be so hard about a plug-in to check load-times, and then user-suggestions in a friendly window? or a monitor for speed/performance as an app in metro, with a live tile?

that’s about it, for now. there is a problem with the graphics driver for ATI, the default chosen is the ONE fracked driver that ATI released. not sure why you did that. in gaming, it does not load some images. so you are facing problems and complaints from game manufacturers, as well as ATI users simply not being happy that microsoft would insist on installing the ONE driver that crashes the display at least 3 times a week.


Feedback always welcome

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