sunday blitz

is wonderful how we persecute others
and then act surprised when they weary of contest

worlds and worlds
you figure THAT one was made up
because it removes the immediacy of having to fix THIS world

same with the “God will return and make it all perfect


that last word the crucial part
what do you want from me?
i could create a better religion
a more suited explanation

just leave the parts not known as “blank”
rather than fudging them
as our predecessors have done

but unfortunately those same wunderkinds have also
made it so that none will listen to anyone
who doesn’t have lots of money

then they make a game out of the whole
see how much money you can get before we kill you
and then there are the 10 reams of stupid
on top of the 20 reams of selfish

PLUS the bee-bops in charge get MORE kicks
out of pushing the tenets of harmony
because it’s like putting the FIGHT
back in their prey

eh ……… ask me if i give two farts
from an elephant’s behind


a kingdom where man can roam free
we SORT of have that
you have to explain to them all
that you are simply exercising your freedom
you have to FIND those things that are NOT outlawed
and do them

for the hell of it
for the pure and simple fact that
we have legislated ourselves into a corner
and must creatively break our way from the grist

do you want this heavy heart?
you don’t want this heavy heart

you want the religion that says all you have to do
is chant a few things
and bingo! made right
right before your eyes

so i guess that’s ok
my thought is that if they can get the perpendicular spin going once again
it might shake things up
and only those camping on the alps survive or whatever
but could save the planet itself
keep it from dying

or rather, keep the plant life from dying
the garden

our charge

i know it’s not much
and you all have a lot more fun fighting
and trading

then pray on sundays for the sake of your mommas
and every time you ever thought twice

which was thrice

i will keep looking on
and at the least find some joy

because if ANYTHING
if any prayer is to ‘save’ us
t’would be to show the creator that man
is a creature deep and sure in his capacity
for appreciation


2 Replies to “sunday blitz”

  1. I like the way you ended this one…was expecting it to be “destruction” instead of “appreciation”, even if they’re both true. 🙂 I’m glad you chose “appreciation”.

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