consistent is apparently a HUMAN trait

I (typed as “i”) am checking how and why stupid spellcheck … why would it fix one letter? because it CAN? dumb dumb …. i don’t NEED you to do that. can’t you understand!!!!!!! you stupid fracking program! don’t you GET it? don’t correct ANYTHING. leave my SHIT AS TYPED. this is your LAST warning. if you cannot behave, i WILL learn programming, and i WILL go into your .exe and RIP out ALL the auto-correct bullshit.

yours truly,



2 Replies to “consistent is apparently a HUMAN trait”

  1. Seems like they could program it to ‘remember’ certain choices we make. Anyway, I hope you DO rip its guts out…lol this post made me laugh, even though I’m sure you were frustrated when you wrote it. 🙂

  2. Did finally get it to accept the lower case i as a user-entered dictionary item. But i don’t understand why the autocorrect won’t turn off when you have it turned off.

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