Windows 8 decides to support graphics drivers which it doesn’t do well

ok, so i’m trying to get a new copy of the camera installed on Windows 8. it stopped working right. will take webcam pictures, but cuts out soon as you try to do video.

not the hardware … not even a driver issue. because the video works fine with windows live movie maker. so it’s the app.

i removed it manually (since doing so through windows appears to have no effect). now looks like windows 8 doesn’t know what to do, and the store app has a perpetual “installing camera” in the upper right hand corner, which it can’t install since it doesn’t really install anything. just activates and deactivates them.

kinda funny. it wasn’t working right, anyway. i see on their list, that there is a a YouCam app (probably Cyberlink). and you wonder if those buggers found some way to frack the built-in camera app. Cyberlink are pretty sneaky. almost always leave a backdoor to your machine somewhere if install their software products. for awhile, they cornered the market on playback codecs for DVD’s.

but it looks like there will be no actual camera install. or that windows 8 can’t do it. thought it might have been a prob with the local account, but entered the other i keep and still same malfunction w/ camera app.

found a way to get to the app files, even though can’t do it directly. that ticks me off, too ….. making inaccessible directories. not how you want your machine. would then make a good place for malware to hangout.

for some reason on the secondary account, the IE 10 for Metro doesn’t show as an app. not sure why that happened.

and you know what is really stupid? somehow the programming for Metro is quantifying a 1040 x 768 as a larger res value than 1280 x 720.

and on one monitor, locks out any setting for 1366 x 768 ….. giving only 1360 x 768 …. which is 6 gigantic pixels away from being able to run the snap-to-side feature.

AND, i can’t customize ANY display features, because ATI tossed ALL of their low-end graphics boards to microsoft, with the installation of generic drivers and control-panel interfaces ONLY. so if you don’t own a TOP of the line ATI, you don’t get the control you had in OLDER microsoft systems.

AND ……… when you NEED it most, to design a custom res that will WORK with the Metro better ……. that’s when they say no dice.

makes about as much sense as ………

a duck in a parking lot
a cat tasting rain
a roof painted with a bullseye
a song that explodes into pansies

i don’t GET it.

so you have this way cool new system and idea, but then your goal with it is to screw all the graphics drivers and then mess everyone who tries to work with them? OH OH ………. AND, you have it set so even IF those drivers are uninstalled, the system “remembers” EVERY past setting and just does it. no matter if what you want is one that ISN’T screwed up this time?

so the answer is to go into the registry, and manually remove the display entries. but at that point, why not just reload and rewrite the entire OS?

since the stupid camera isn’t working now, anyway?

don’t get me wrong ……. i think it’s a good system. just when all falls flat, i want you to know who to blame at microsoft for initiating stupid policies.


the good news, is I got the camera working again. the bad news is …. still have no friggin idea what fragged it in the first place!


7 Replies to “Windows 8 decides to support graphics drivers which it doesn’t do well”

  1. “…even IF those drivers are uninstalled, the system “remembers” EVERY past setting and just does it. no matter if what you want is one that ISN’T screwed up this time?” O_o Ugh. What about the people who don’t know or WANT to mess with the registry entries? My first guess would have been possibly out-dated drivers, too, but wonder what the difference is in the drivers for the windows live movie maker and the app you’re using? The thought occurred to me that it might be a codec issue, too, but again, what’s the difference between the two programs? Surely not a file type recognition/association? Glad you got it working again, in any case.

    1. it could have been a codec issue, but the problem wasn’t (in) encoding. was like the switch to tell metro to end an app was malfunctioning. sort of like if you push a sticky door to open, and then it swings open all the way. was just shutting down the entire app if you went to use the moving-picture part of it. but was still working fine for the still pictures.

      (could have been from a setting i put on it that stuck — i change the default values always to test that…… and the auto-brightness and auto-contrast got stuck.)

      ? if it was codecs, would be if it was PROGRAMMED to shut down if it didn’t find the codecs it needed. and i can’t see it doing that …. i mean, if you were going to program that into an interface, wouldn’t there then be a window saying “need such and such to perform this function.”

      at least that is how am used to knowing if that is an issue. but i did reinstall ALL system codecs, WITH a knew (bootleg) codec package. so that might have been what helped.

      i don’t systematically check to find causes anymore. i suppose if i were getting paid for it 🙂 but is possible that windows movie maker had access to codecs that were not available to the camera app. that’s why end up having to introduce the codec package to a machine and cross your fingers they aren’t sold-out.

      think part of DRM, they keep some codecs inaccessible to peripheral programs. but just causes a big mess. and no, the new build is not going to have a work-around for that yet. mostly microsoft is just buying up the rights to the most common codecs. (based on what i’m seeing)

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