income disparity: the reality of percentages

on Social Security:

percentage of income                     type of expense

7.5%                                                        Cable Internet

5.3% – 13.4%                                         Electric

8%                                                             Cellphone (smartphone)

2%                                                              Student Loan

1.9%                                                         Medical (spend down for having too much wealth)

24.7%                                                     Rent (government housing)

26.7%                                                     Food


the same bills would average for typical worker on $2000 monthly take-home pay (single, one-bedroom apt):

$150      cost for internet

$106 – $268    cost for electricity

$160  cost for cellphone

$40    cost for student loan

$38    cost for medical insurance

$494  cost for rent

$534  cost for food

BUT ………………….. you can buy a lot more food, the electric, cellphone, and internet are identical services with different PERCENTAGE COSTS.    in that, when your internet provider hands you a bill for $80, you need to factor it by the lowest common denominator.

ARE these services “luxuries?”   not these days ………….. so just because your cellphone carrier hands you a bill for $75, that doesn’t mean that’s what it is costing someone else.  because the PERCENTAGE COST for someone of lower income is MUCH greater.

that’s how it works.   it’s NOT magic.  there is NO mystery to the enforcements of POVERTY.   note the low rent that would be realized, if the “average worker”  got the SAME deal that a person on social security gets!  that is call sticking a finger in a dam.  that is the government trying desperately to help offset the skyrocketing prices for those in need.

and why do the prices KEEP going UP?  NO NO NO NO !!!!!!

the question IS :    why does the DOLLAR keep going DOWN?????

it is being DILUTED.  its value is diluted through speculation and bartering upon financial assets THAT ARE NOT THERE.   every time a percentage increase is realized in the stockmarket, THAT percentage and thensome translates to a devaluing of the dollar FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

it’s why all middle-class families switched to money market certificates a few decades back.

when you buy property, and continually SELL it for MORE …………. that does NOT increase the VALUE of that home.  it DECREASES the VALUE of the money.  the home stays the same.

now …………………………… i have nothing.  tell us again about how great this capitalistic nightmare is that you all have set-up?   tell us again how this is a system that makes everybody ‘win?’  it’s B.S. ….. it’s awful!   all my childhood we were coached to save MONEY ……… heck, they make a GAME out of it with “piggy banks.”

then what HAPPENS to anybody that saved money?  they are screwed …….. because you bring it out 20 years later, and it buys only 1/4 of what it WOULD have bought those 20 years ago.   so people invested in property, but the speculation, done widely in neighborhoods for specific policies of jacking up home prices …………… well, we know how THAT ended.

you put it into stocks … but what THEN?  you have to KEEP it in!  because in CASH, it DEVALUES.   and that devaluation is on a SLOPE, an incline that will get WORSE over time if it is not halted.  that is why we have metals, that is why the U.S. still mints pennies, and that is why we have TIME to FIX this!

i suggest we do.

the realities of income disparity will only widen as the dollar drops farther into the toilet of washed-up dreams.    if you work for $1 an hour …… does the VALUE of your work go DOWN?   or does the work STAY THE SAME and the VALUE of that dollar go up?   and that’s what we need to do.  that, and write one big-ass apology note to the rest of the world.

fact is, that in the 50’s …….. a man could have a blue-collar job and buy a HOME, feed his CHILDREN, and send them to school.

it’s not inflation.  it’s called being hit over the head and robbed.

and for the generations to come, that equation has gone from “difficult” to impossible.   they know it.  the bottom HAS to drop out, or no average person is going to get any sort of life or living.  OR you have them so messed-up in the head …………. that they are driving around in a $20,000 car which they eventually pay $150,000 for while never buying a home.


i get tired of how stupid it is.    makes me die a little inside every time i see the impossibilities of turning it around.  THEN you all use your theologies to generate the mass delusion of having a god show up and fix it all at some undisclosed time in the future.  WHICH makes it convenient to give up on fixing anything NOW.

the stock market is going up right now.  so you can expect prices to go up sharply soon ……….. and the banks and grocers are OUT of their buffer-zones to stop the tide from hitting the consumer.  so next time you can’t afford to eat, shake the hand of your nearest stock broker.

next time you want to complain about those on social security and on the government payroll …….. remember it is the finger in the dam.  a direct IV to the consumer industry which upholds buying power in PACE with the devastation caused by those wagering and speculating on manufacturing and service industries.  remember those people GETTING money are SPENDING it, they aren’t putting it away for a rainy day.  the rainy day is here.  mostly i shake my head and wonder how we managed to create such utterly stupid ancestors, to get us into such a mess.

though some …….. we have some working for invention and for honest and good things that make people’s lives better.  not anybody i know.  but i see their design and know they are there…… just hope the continuing work of scoundrels hasn’t caused good men to lose faith.  it may not PAY to be a person who cares.  but you EARN a heck of a lot more, than the person who does not.

and that’s one income disparity that makes sense.


2 Replies to “income disparity: the reality of percentages”

  1. You make a lot of sense here. It’s very necessary to put away whatever you can into precious metals, jewels, or what ever increases in value that you don’t pay taxes on. As the value of the dollar devaluates. sb

    1. don’t forget there is also value in skill …. there is also investment in education. foresight is what we need more than any stockpiles. n thanks….good to see you.

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