Droid Pro Craft Project

i made a protective back for the Droid, because i got tired of the silicone one always slipping off when i took the phone in and out of my pocket.

when i was at my son’s wedding, my sister went to pull her brand new droid out of her purse and it went flying out of her hand to bounce on the cement. and my Droid Pro has the same slick back as her Droid X. why would they design them that way IN THE FIRST PLACE? even with a better material for the back, the shape is all wrong on these smartphones. they should have divets in the side to fit the shape of fingers, like brass knuckles.

if you were MAKING something to slip and fall from a hand, you couldn’t do a better job. which makes you wonder. now i’m noticing they are at least using a better material for the backs of newer models. but since i don’t feel the need for a new phone as yet, made my own “non-slip” backing for the Droid Pro.

you have to be patient and not try to rush putting on the contact paper. trim contact paper right at the edge so doesn’t interfere with how the back fits onto your phone. press and smooth the contact paper until it holds — the corners are hardest, and no way to make super-perfect. i found using smaller 1″ by 2″ strips of contact paper and layering them worked best. do NOT put or glue any foam to front of phone, and take back off before applying hot glue.



Feedback always welcome

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