Hey MICROSOFT – over here!

why don’t you have a choice, to make “LIVE METRO” tiles a choice for the MSN homepage?

that way, if resolution values do not allow for a local-start page, the user can connect to it through wifi
or 4G

are talking about running some programs remotely from server, but could make those paid accounts? OR offer it as special versions of Windows 8. OR create a foundation of limited apps that DO work and run from Metro on devices like netbooks.

instead of subjecting users to “the resolution is too low to run this app” …… offer SOME basic apps for Metro that function at lower res values. or a choice for their synced Metro-Start page as a homepage of Windows Live MSN.


no one is going to buy ANOTHER netbook after owning ONE. it’s not going to happen, i don’t care WHAT OS you put on it. i can’t even use mine to type, because the keyboard is JUST small enough that the number of typos make it not worth my time.

so even with better specs — a no go. even with better software, no one is going to look to BUY netbooks. so WHY NOT make some $ on those owned and already floating around?

to redeem with Windows 8 might not be a bad move. make those users and those netbooks important again. selling Windows 8 is a way to place some inherent VALUE back into those netbooks owned but no longer in use.

thing is, are not going to get there when have to apply ANOTHER hack to get a screen resolution that will run Metro. and are not going to get there if netbook-versions of Windows 8 are same price as desktop. AND are not going to get there if Metro becomes nothing more than a wall to get over and around when loaded onto a netbook. BUT, you CAN get there …. with a little creative thinking.

make something old new again? that’s America. if Microsoft makes that them, too …. will see good business part of the equation for better industry. and EVERYBODY profits from that kind of math.

yes, it is more of a sure thing to leave the “error” of netbooks in the dust. in fact, one could surmise that screen-resolution values of Metro were selected for just that purpose. OR to prevent side-loading on lower-end android tablets.

but to continue the “hobbling” of Metro for those lower-end devices is a mistake. you are going to be running on the fact that those who spent thousands of dollars on Apple, are going to be going WTF? and burning with envy over those with Windows 8 systems. take it all the way, and burn them with the low-end devices, too. i would.

why have mercy for an industry, for a company that set themselves up above supply and demand? that KEPT that charade going, then …. by making themselves a cult and a club, with focus on elite members. if you are ANYONE in this society, you own an Apple.

that’s BS and that’s not ANYTHING we stand-for as a nation or as a people or even as industry fat cats! some would argue that Apple is what america is all about? oh really, did Mr. Olson keep grain at the SAME price even when he had a surplus? did he conspire with grain-distributors in every other city, to maintain high prices. and THEN, did he hold pie-eating contests requiring the use of flour, AND then did he make Laura Ingles feel like dirt because HER mommy couldn’t afford to bake any pies?

no faster way to divide a people. you pay attention …… read online rags like PC MAGAZINE who are now desperately taking long-shots at both Microsoft AND Google. AND facebook …… the camps are being formed.

see, i didn’t need to know that Apple was avoiding taxes, to understand that Apple was not ….. not really, an American business. they showed those colors a long time ago. i thought it was sad, and even MORE sad that the only way to fight them so far was a push to frugality over ALL industrial fronts.

we can ditch that, now too. Windows 8 is not just going to be better business computing. it’s going to be a wake-up call to Americans, that they can spend again. that they can back true champions like Microsoft, who uphold the laws of supply and demand.


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