dangled preposition

we totally discount that
to an extent that’s absurd
where all is dependent on the other
truncated vision will deem otherwise

well got sidetracked
went to go shut down that bleeping spellcorrect


so this time hunted for the process
to disable it
so it wouldn’t start …

and still
waste all that time
no found darn thing
frack the writers

how do you MAKE a program have a switch
to TURN OFF a function
and then manage or allow that switch to not function?

i know this is a trial run
hammer out the bugs
but that’s not a bug
that’s called WTF????? and OMG!!!!!
the section they put stupid in charge

here’s my cousin (says high-ranking muckity-muck)
find him something to do
where he can contribute but nothing vital,

so they put cousin Herbert in charge of the spell checking process

i’m thinking that’s what happened.

now …………. where WAS i?

well, first off, we’re going to switch this writing over into
then………. since they have a REAL spellcheck that doesn’t bloomin’
force words on you

that’s better

i have yet to find a good medium, you know
windows live writer makes it so you have to hold down
a shift key
to NOT place paragraph code with ‘enter’
and has no setting
to change default on that

MS Word has a setting
to change the default
but every time you use it to post
to wordpress
it throws up ANOTHER window
and so you have TWO files to save …

i can never figure which one i SHOULD save

the one now marked with time and date of posting
or the original write

then of course
you have typing right into the blog field
using a browser

which is what i do, then

when should have all these nice programs, where
you could post to zillions of blogs all at ONCE
but they screw them up
bad programs

they gave the job to cousin Herbert

instead of keeping STANDARDS
much in programming and data planning
goes like this:

80% of people use such and such
so we’ll make THAT default

so you get a city
like in days gone way way by

houses all built up
half-sticking into the street
some cobbles
some sludge …………

christ !
where WAS i?????????

oh yea
i’m just saying that
because really don’t remember
will have to get a refill on the coffee
and put a fist to my brain
like pooh-bear

was talking on the fact that we AREN’T singular
in motivation
reaction …….. causing action

is really dumb to think you own ANY thought
really really dumb to have anything LIKE “intellectual property”

no such thing

each bounces off the other
so you give credit
some times

but it’s all just stupid
like a little kid
THEN seeing just how FAR they can push a WRONG concept

i can say a painting i drew is mine
because i HAVE it
but the pattern is a very


of seen heard watched …. heck, even the DEPTH of a stroke
can pay tribute
probably to how often mom beat you
when you had the temerity to ask a question

it’s now “yours” ….. how is the clothing on your back

YOURS — when someone else wove the thread?

or it is ……. kind of

so our clothing IS ours
but then ………………… now i’m confused!
get my drift?

it’s a diametric policy
IF we were to believe in “property intellectual rights”
THEN the person who wove that THREAD
should get a ROYALTY every time
you wear the shirt

right? eh ………. see
i don’t mind stupid
or even inefficient

as long as some fragment of consistent design is employed

but we don’t get that
then they call ME crazy

(trite, but i HAD to say it!)
there is no rhyme or reason
like we backwards-engineered
our society

and got it WRONG!

lol ….. even the language
is like you took 5 six year olds
dumped them in a field

and created a NATION
with ALL language AFTER then
simply combinations of the LIMITED
that will natively belong to a six year old

that’s what it’s like
if i had to GUESS
THAT is what i would guess
has happened

so what?
not sure but it’s like i have said
are missing a school of thought
something beyond science and art

main point

nothing ………..

NOTHING! ………………….is YOURS

nothing. all has foundations in OTHER thought
in OTHER work
in OTHER sweat
in OTHER heartache
in OTHER sacrifice
in OTHER others

there is no end to what brings YOU

every day

that’s what i see
that’s why i believe copyrights
and guarded understandings

are stupid

they are based on an insanity
too big for any world to hold

time and tide, my friends …
the globe spins
and we try not to fling off into the abyss ……….

nations inside each other
denying purpose

struggling to show the smallest grace
of good intentions

PLUS good revelations and outcome

we screwed THAT one up, didn’t we?
paths to hell and all …….
paved with good intentions?
paved with the beauty of a belief
in humanity ………… that isn’t WRONG
good results NEED good intentions

and only the evil
are interested in paths to hell

the rest of us

don’t even know they exist

what is innocence?
it’s not impotence, as Donaldson contends

it’s holding integrity in your hand
cherishing that worth
above all else

holding it up and away
as you sludge through the muck

(i have not had to pluck out an eye for sin
but i HAVE had to pluck out many a friend
for the sakes of integrity)

because if ANYTHING
that is what you need to present to ‘God’

when you’re through

your integrity

now the problem we have
is too many
think a hypocrite is a fictional beast

but THAT is what the ‘human’
needs to watch out

not ‘sin’ ……… not deviance
from presented rules

but the deviance from ones OWN code
singular constraint … often holding
to family code
to the last …. to the last

the pit
where ALL integrity is lost
in the mire …. the bog
the filthy stench of hypocrisy

betrayal to self
is then betrayal to others

betrayal to foundations

the neglect
with your build ……..infinite
discovered in
returns is not known by those infinitely

how do you harm a fellow?
because that
that hypocrisy…. is like a bad direction
a bad course
it not only hurts YOU
it hurts others

in OTHER work
in OTHER sweat
in OTHER heartache
in OTHER sacrifice
in OTHER others

worlds and worlds, my friend

you are not alone ………….. but neither were you meant to

if you were evil
and consistently evil
you would be good

if you are good
and not consistently good
you are bad

theocratic math

god forgive me for my arrogance
you want humble?
i’m sitting here in my jammies, still
needing to refill my coffee
because of late am using CHINA — real china
the tea cups

and they are small
easy to spill

because it makes me cry

that she had all these dishes
put away and only used
few times a year

the good china

it makes me cry

…………………. and i still need that refill of coffee
and some real clothes on the body,
like jeans

t-shirt ……… run a comb through my hair
smile into the mirror
(though i generally look away)

days of open sky really don’t matter to-me anymore

do you like yourself?
or do you hate yourself?

those are the only two questions
ever needing answer

is this photograph mine — or does it belong to the artist of the mural? shall HE be able to SUE me for posting this picture on my blog? yes, if i am also liable for ANY other “USE” of constructs by my ‘fellow man’ ……….. then YES, this artist should/shall get paid-too. that’s how it works. in for a penny ……..

so do you want to go there? or shall we drop the nonsense that amounts to a logistical nightmare? you MIGHT be able to quantify, but then HIS painting has elements HE saw and incorporated, so we need to find WHO designed basketball shorts, for example …….. and give THEM a cut. THAT is how it works. to HOLD integrity as a people, that is how it must work.

which is a logistical nightmare ………. to go exponentially BACKWARDS over time in discerning ideas? so that we can decide WHO deserves WHAT amount of money (resources) because apparently we have nothing better to do? lol. i can see the amount of computations, btw. another thing that makes a person a little crazy ……… because at one point you decide on adherence to LAW.

but if THIS is man’s law ——- copyright, patent, ownership of DESIGN …………… then gonna be hard to save all other laws while clinging to this one. because when it comes to the very tenets of law itself, within the abilities to ADHERE to collective principal …… those fundamental tenets of LAW require that you DO throw out the baby with the bathwater. WHY? because any entity creating UNJUST principal, is NOT WORTHY. on ALL counts.

and for what? for what do we throw away our LAW? to guard the WEALTH of those who ‘make something’ maintain a profit ……… preventing other manufacturers and what would RIGHTLY be a fair market of competition for constructed items for sale.

but they don’t want it to be fair —- they want government, bodies of the people —- to prevent others from using ideas of construct. they want government to prevent human beings from making use of what they see, smell, taste, hear ……to CREATE. you can’t create openly.

so the FALL OUT is bad, also. with the ONLY good then …….. for the sakes of a few to amass wealth. that is IT. that is ALL. are jeopardizing the entire foundation of LAW itself …….. ability of a PEOPLE to ADHERE to law …to guiding principals for the general good………… over stupid profit by very stupid very mean very little little men.

if we have to do a common license ……. and then you complain about the exceptional becoming common? see it in software all the time …… the only REASON adobe keeps going, for instance …….. is an encryption, a code that IS NOT NEEDED for the function of the program ……. but a code to unlock use. and then so many business buy in and back because THEY want part of the “action” and …….. for what?

to make it MORE expensive for a small business to get-going? because they have to have the funds to buy all this software? it’s stupid.
encrypt to protect files ….. yes. but you can do that with hardware, and what all you dumb dumbs should have been focusing

now left open to hackers of the world …. congratulations.

you know, i want to end this with a story ………… like the old sermons i was forced to listen-to the whole time growing up. but frack that. this is NOT a story. this is NOT metaphorical. you all need to pull your heads out of your behinds …………. how can we uphold God’s law, when law itself is corrupted by man? the ABILITY to follow law is corrupted by man?

so that’s what i’m trying to say,
when saying

“we totally discount that
to an extent that’s absurd
where all is dependent on the other
truncated vision will deem otherwise”

who cuts your vision?
every time you say thank you
you weren’t born with it cut

credit where credit is DUE
you turn that into a never-ending encore
thrown roses to the stage and to its stage and its stage ….

so the general
populace becomes weary

goes f*ck it ….
gives all the ‘due’
to god

and walks away
from their own hopes
their own dreams of creation …….the artist
is a lover of God AND Man
you all complain about not having enough scientists

that’s because you killed the spirit
for a few extra pennies
selling ideas

use that to build the space ships
build the arks
but you ain’t going nowhere

we’ll see to it


bows, puts away soap box and slinks off into little-known corner of cyber-ville.



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