translating correct: meme

meme: a cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means (as by imitation.)

first off, i would like to point out that in all of my years, have never not once seen a genetically-acquired idea or a value that comes with you coded in DNA. and whether or not patterns of behavior, even — can BE considered an eventuality of BIRTH……….

that one’s out with the jury. (psych industry depends on that theory — but they have been known to fabricate necessities for the sake of industry) fact is, all is action and reaction. to large extents in some cultures, (especially those where “normal” is so extensively valued) all is reaction with little to no action. being “born” with certain ‘reactive principles’ is false, because they build on one another. you touch fire, next day no touch fire. see fire down path …. turn, go other way. you weren’t BORN with turning away from fire. you took in the data, processed it, and developed “behavioral traits.” now, if are more “sensitive” to fire ….? does THAT make an action genetic? no ….. just more probable.

so let’s ditch that “everything that isn’t genetic” part ….. “unit” is a form of measurement.

cultural measurement based upon …….. ?

no, just ANY cultural measurement “passed” along. so is THAT what we USED to call gossip?

would seem BBT sort of hypothesized that, in their episode tracking the growth rate of a “meme.”

THOUGH ….. according to THAT definition, on the show —- a meme is the almost organism-like behavior by group-spread, where cultural acceptance or contributions create an “entity” in the larger sense.

it is not the acceptance so much, as it is the life-like rate of growth — that would characterize a “meme.”

however, i have heard the term used to describe “fads” ….. most notably those which involve taking pictures in certain fashion for the internet. like years ago, it became popular to use a profile picture that was .gif and where you were flipping people off over and over.

but courtesy of “South Park” …. we have the definition of “meme” to be whatever popular pose of the day arises for pictures and most notably that which involves very odd bids for attention.

then today, i see someone describe an “internet postcard” as a “meme.” you know, one of the ones with a picture and a “saying.” they started on myspace years back, mostly for holidays and there were several “monday cards” and the ever-popular “hump-day cards.” now it seems everyone and mother’s uncle creates and posts these ‘sayings’ …. mostly because there are websites cranking them out with code engines. AND most often they have some trackers built-in ……… with psych analysis as to what is pop and gets passed along and exponentializes in growth and potential to reach MORE of an audience.

that information is then sold. but i never thought of them as “memes” ………. or rather, don’t know how to quantify that. because a chain letter is a chain letter is a chain letter. they are not that complicated.

have been using the SAME devices for over a CENTURY now! as in, WTF? pass this along if you LOVE children. pass this along if you believe god LOVES you. give this to 20 of your best friends and SEE how many you get back!

yea ………. watched all that develop first on myspace. (and MY grandmother watched chain letters become the norm through 2 world wars) why do you think the social sites had to serialize all media uploaded, including all links? the fact those type of ‘chains’ haven’t died a natural death is pretty strange.

then you have the ones riding a bandwagon for whatever “issue” of the day or week or month ………. the really clever ones will most certainly get passed along.

i’m just not sure how you can call all that “memes” ……… like the ‘meme’ isn’t the “saying-card” …. or “internet postcard” ……. the meme is the ACTIONS or the RESPONSE by the PERSON to those passed-along cards.

SO ……… here we get an example of CONFUSION, between that which is a CAUSE and that which is an EFFECT. when you name the cause and the effect as ONE, the rain falls and floods the valley. the valley is flooded, therefore it must have rained. NO! NO! bad person! NO! it could have been a river broke its dam upstream ……. or could be someone drilled and hit an underground aquifer.

so COMBINING cause and effect, or creating a LIKE definition for cause and effect ………… IS a way to deny origins. to deny change. to deny ABILITIES for redirection based UPON the specific identification of CAUSE.

i find it interesting.

we are getting one HELL of a storm here. as in …………. talk about rain in a valley! lordy, that last gust was fierce. main point wanted to make with this blog, was that i find the construct of language itself to be an interesting “meme.” and when you watch growth into such hazy-areas of definition, well ……………

chain letters
imitations for photograph poses

lol ……… all of those are the CAUSE. the effect is the “meme.” should be happy to know that ‘gossip’ is still gossip. ๐Ÿ™‚


2 Replies to “translating correct: meme”

  1. YES! I am so glad someone posted about this. I have always wondered what the difference was between a “meme” and a “fad”. They seemed like the same thing to me. I agree with you about it being interesting to study and watch the growth of language and the “memes” attached to it…

    Although, I will say that I think some behaviors and mannerisms are passed genetically. My brother never interacted with my dad until he was about 10 years old…and there were certain expressions or behaviors (his laugh, too) that he did that were exactly like my dad. And it wasn’t because he looked anything like my dad – he didn’t, really. Since he had never met my dad up to that point, we all (my family) figured that there must be something in genetics that is responsible for transference of behavior(s). It was just too uncanny for there not to be something to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. in a larger sense, to where behavior as WE characterize it is actually a realization of genetic codings or passed-along traits. because that’s not WHAT you do, that’s HOW you do it.

      ? WHAT you do, is always going to be based upon acclimation to environment and environmental factors. then layered on top of THAT, is observation of SUCCESS that then initiates MIMIC. when something is proven to be universally productive as a means to an end, then it is adopted widely.

      as we progress with chemical industry and medicine, greater complexities in how one thing might work for one person, but it does not for another. you have adaptation of METHOD, …..oh and how the process is CHANGED. often a person doesn’t realize something is not working for them, because the process was changed. and the ORIGINAL build is what contains correct parameters in implementation for successful behavior.

      they are fine lines. how many of us will cry at weddings, because we have seen others cry at weddings and that is ok thing to do? but the simple fact of having something make you so happy that you cry …… yes, that is ‘genetic.’ and then some might be more prone to have that than others, with much of the process originating in hormonal levels.

      if you have two of same genetic, who grew up in basically same culture ….. their reactions TO those cultural parameters are most definitely going to be similar. BUT, that doesn’t make their reaction/actions genetic. that makes the genetic genetic …… the similar reactions are a correlation establishing like(completely similar) identities.

      am glad you were happy to see this! i find it important whenever a “newer” word gets banded about more and more frequently, to examine its usage and what that says on a sociological level.

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