the most we can see

Does sorting knives and spoons
in a drawer
save time
or waste time?

if you took them all out of the
and dumped ’em all in ONE drawer

would save about 3 minutes on sorting
how much longer does it take
to find
a fork
a knife
a spoon …. depends on how
smart or dumb you are

see these kinds of things come up
when you’re living alone
i’m like

i’m NOT that dumb
I CAN tell the difference between a spoon
and a fork

then of course I go deeper
because i’m just THAT stupid
(btw, i disabled the spell-correct in the registry
even, and it’s STILL correcting my typos – damn computer)

and i wonder WHAT
in this universe HAPPENED to make
ALL these housewives separate

one comes to mind:
you have a new product to sell
drawer dividers!

i guess if you HAD someone ELSE
whose TIME you valued MUCH less

like if you had a SLAVE
in the 1800’s
and they were done POLISHING
the silver

you would have them put stuff in
a drawer


because that saves YOU time
not as much as it TAKES from THEM
but who cares

they’re slaves


i would have to do an experiment
clock the 2 seconds it takes
to find JUST the right formed

then compare that with the TIME
it takes to SORT them all

dawned on me today
that i could save time by dumping it all
in the drawer

(and i just KILLED the spell-checking
process….. because was having to go BACK
and fix ALL my “i” because i have gotten USED
to having them small case because that’s just HOW
i roll ………)

then of course you have NO
no underlining the misspelled words
you’d think they’d get something like that RIGHT
you know

turn off the spellCORRECT
it goes off
but KEEP the spellcheck
how hard IS that?
but apparently the demon they harnessed
for the spellcheck/correct

doesn’t know how to do one
without the

tomorrow i am going to look at myself
and decide why
i fell in the first place

you have a PRACTICE
see mom
mom gave THAT job to YOU
of course

sorting the silver
and then find yourself 40+ years later
wondering WHY you’re still sorting chit

like how far
does a childhood compulsion LEAD

worlds and worlds ….. time and tide, my friends

the day has come
it’s not here
and i don’t know IF any THING
can get back
back on track to WHERE all SHOULD be

i see it, you know
where they should be
how something should operate
or how a system SHOULD be designed

i plot the maps of outcome

while compulsive growth
lives with the differences
that’s why i say stupid is what
drives you crazy

because if OTHERS could just see
know how BAD their course (it’s NOT a destination
point 2 does NOT translate to point C)

TRULY understand the MEANING of hypocrite

HOW do you CALL sunday a day of rest?
when you have the women working TWICE as hard
to fix the best hair
best dress
best make up
perfect children ………… to go to church?

how do you call it a day of rest
when the men have to find that suit
get that spot out of a tie
WORK to make themselves
in a spit-shine atire?

is THAT rest? if anything
everybody should be showing up naked to church

but barring THAT,
at least allowed to make it a “grungy day”

and you shouldn’t HAVE to tell them something like that
you know
clear your throat and go

“a, gee — this doesn’t LOOK like rest,
to me.”

what does this say
that others are NOT defining rest……….
what does it say
that they defined YOU ahead of time
“the emporer has no clothes”
at least that’s what it meant to ME
because all that is holy could SEE
see the course
pinpoint branches in the same folly

and you have the “battered down notion”
the pounding into the dirt
the sand
the whack-a-mole prospect of screw
everybody in the head

because EVERYBODY is playing
playing the game

who has the thickest skull?
ever think there was a REASON
don’t think, do you?

i want to rant, but the point is moot — isn’t it?
like the cat complaining that the firecracker
attached to its tail needs more red

so maybe for people THAT collectively
SHORT on brains
it’s better for them
to sort their spoons and forks


Feedback always welcome

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