they will shorten the time for a cat ….


in order for someone … for ME

to be HOME

and taking care of the CAT


they will shorten the TIME of incarceration



for a cat


the average time

for hospitalization – incarceration via psychiatry

with NO trial and NO right jury of peers


the way families punish their own


THAT time went from average of

3 months — as much as 6 months


down to ONE WEEK


so my advice to crazy people out there

is get a CAT.



might make you look more nuts

but turns out they care more about the animal

than they do about you


a cat



got any idea how that makes me feel?


what, thought I can’t do the math?


count the days

while in lock-up?


cousin got ripped off this week

and it reminded




the time I got cleaned-out

when they kept me too-long


3 months wasn’t ENOUGH of a punishment

decided I needed to stay in a “house” of some

transitional whatever


more dealing with more people

supposed to make you saner


lol …. precious.  you all are precious.


but in THAT TIME ………. I got cleaned out


they took the snow globe my son got me

for christmas


I gave away my daughter … because after all

what is family FOR?


and I got a CAT


now the time is never more than a week


Feedback always welcome

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