in Line

I don’t understand why some need to convince you of ‘sin’

but that collective guilt

doesn’t work



you don’t have all


being –


sort of why Jesus was not ‘liked’

the non-grouping of a standard

not sure it matters


except puzzles me

same from very religious ones of the past

you HAVE SIN!  you must BELIEVE you  HAVE




and it does not compute with me

if you want to do better by GOD

then why call every done wrong

done against

as a disease

an ailment you cannot prevent

and ALSO one caused by God

because you were CREATED with-it


am I missing something?

it doesn’t make sense.

a man murders his wife

as a society we don’t go

“oh—you have sin, born in you and can’t change that

you had no choice

so sorry we inconvenienced you with jail.”

so if anything

the SIN is that WE as a people


hold certain values true

and then the minute you enter a church

turn into hypocrites



mostly I think that if something is causing you guilt

where you feel a need for forgiveness ……. have ya tried just NOT DOING that something?


sort of the quickest way to resolve THAT issue.


if you think having sexual parts is somehow HOW you are “born” with sin

then I don’t know what to tell you


the ONE thing that does create a form of eternity – the essence

and reality of progeny …making that some kind of awful is mostly a sign


of one faction within a culture trying to subvert and eliminate another faction.


‘bout it.


bunch of fuss over procreation rates in Nigeria and other neighboring African nations. 

saying by 2100 they will be a third of the world

2100?  jimminy … that’s far-off even in the WORST projection-for-dire shows

like over 80 years to turn that cart


seems kind of stretching it …… Nigeria determined by geneticists to be the seat of the ORIGINAL DNA of MAN.  yep ……… rest of you all are mutations.  I see nothing wrong to them procreating to heart’s content.

hurts their economy?  only because the rest of you crumb-nuts are

finding remarkable ways to exacerbate the effects of out-doing each other.

worried about 50% unemployment and young men falling

to radical ‘ideals.’  eh …. because they don’t place MONEY$$$ first as their

TRUE god

don’t call every aberration “sin” in order to serve




mostly I sit and type because it’s easy

I am clothed

I am fed

have seen better roofs dancing over my head

but that is how the homestead bounces ….


yet if I were sitting on a sidewalk

next to a fountain

would pull my computer out of the shopping cart

and write


and write ……….. if I sold that computer for food

I would buy a penney’s worth of chalk


and write

and wrtie

say this ………… don’t find yourselves

holding hands in consolation;


if I were God, I’d fry all of you

for having the temerity to FORGIVE




every little thing in some sort of inept

approval of the failure in action


a collective bargain

belief that if all stand together

in their ‘after-life’ trial … all will HAVE

to be ‘redeemed’  …. especially if a blameless

like Christ – is among you


that’s my understanding …. I can’t find any place

for noble worth or noble values

any place for honor

for integrity


it’s like the collective only SMILES

on you if you HAVE no integrity …. call it ‘sin’

and make a bargain with the devil to wash you

clean the record on the basis that it’s all God’s fault

in the first place for making-you a sinning creature.


there is just no angle I can find

to keep it from being stupid

like you would have to not only be DUMB,

but selfish and cruel


so we have THAT form of grouping-in-strength

and procreation for making MORE stupid and cruel;

seems like a recipe for making

the worst populations EVER


but winners ………. oh yes winners.

I’ll give you that.


california is trying to treat their “mentally ill”

more humanely

and everybody and their mother’s uncle

are fighting them on that

saying SHOULD drug patients MORE

they SHOULD tie them down

put in solitary ……….


tie-downs and solitary are DOWN by

…………….. wait for it ………………



what does that TELL you?  unless all has become complete



are looking at minimum of 80% of PREVIOUS violations

of humanity



but you all forgave yourselves.


welcome to my world.  now have a seat…..


Feedback always welcome

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