to me
you’re like
snide – sly
99% of you won’t repost this

do you realize
that HURTS
even though i don’t DO

not my thing
exponential is NOT a playground
to me

know how much PROGRAMMING
it has taken
to PROTECT you dim wits from yourselves?

it hurts
i DARE you
you aren’t GOOD enough to REPOST this
like childhood playgrounds

being pushed down to sand
tears for a mom that isn’t there
was never there ….

fracky-rackers ………..

i was thinking something very profound
crawled into the bath right out of bed
this morning

slept all night
with mouth open
woke up dry as a rattler on parched creekbed

slunk into bath
thought about how i don’t have the money for
pills …. then thought about how they aren’t

for you anyway

time and tide my friend
worlds upon worlds ….

there was something really profound
in that bath …. something i tried to GRASP
tell my brain THIS
this you need to remember

but i couldn’t
like the fat man that can’t DO
the 15th pushup
my head simply forfeited the effort
with a whimper a sigh a fade into nothing
beyond the lip of nothing worthy

you tell yourself it’s no matter
and then do the math ….

go pour another cup of coffee
or in this case
on THIS day ….. a FIRST

find some clothes
decide on what it takes

i think about what going to do
too much
mornings — consequence

yet when i’m just DOING
am done
and then nothing left to work


bored and yelling ………….

MOM!!!! MOM!!!!

to the mother who isn’t there
who was never there

on the playground where sand has turned to rain
and tears have solidified into the grist of a timeless indifference

yea it’s depressing
get over yourself
needing a lift up
a lift OUT
always thinking …….. centered and centering
it’s not even about just listening
it’s about the nature of pity

and you know
pity never comes with a smile

so you over-do
push stupid BEYOND pity
because looking for pity in the first place
will always find SOMETHING

why i make go past points of commiseration ……
because the reason time will take this stand is to dissect continuance

but fortune is not the comic
was never the comic ….

and methodic exigency never fell …………… not once
to despair


Feedback always welcome

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