Bug report, Windows 8 preview build 8250

Bugs found, Windows 8 consumer preview
Evaluation copy, Build 8250


after changing main desktop, by right-clicking taskbar and “make this my main taskbar” ………… preview window for desktop (in switcher) becomes blurred. streaked, like the image is stretched.

today also changed button on bamboo tablet to “switcher.” also uninstalled WordPress app.

tried deleting local temp files, cookies, and am in process of seeing if removing transcoded wallpaper files corrects problem. remains after restart ……. but CORRECTS after cold-cocking (hard shutdown). returns after navigation to desktop, though.

two monitors and three transcoded wallpapers showing ……….

update: ok ….. found that the box checked for “best performance” of wdm was for saving thumbnail previews. which becomes unchecked when select “let windows choose what’s best. i had selected “best performance” to test out response at highest level. am hoping with unchecked, to NOT save thumbnail previews — that problem w/preview will right itself.


several services were disabled, when I did NOT disable them.

smart card …… part of windows foundation. TCP port sharing ……. and routing and remote were all disabled.


I DID find images for IE tiles, and opened in photoshop. do NOT think that would cause the problem with the preview-image of desktop in switcher.


yesterday initiated onenote, and today found could NOT stop process start-up through msconfig ………. instructions were to disable through “start-up” tab in task manager. which was done, but am not happy. because updaters, which in past also showed in MS config startup ………. do NOT show on task manager startup tab. therefore, programs’ updates are mandatory? unless the update process itself is removed from the program files.

that’s kinda like making extra work for …………… I don’t see what purpose. yes, we know the “apps” from app store are protected, but do NOT see any reason why couldn’t have rebuilt the reporting to MSCONFIG with an EXCLUSION for Windows apps from app store ……… leaving the startup settings for consumer-installed programs in place on msconfig where they belong. writing that into the taskmanager is a stupid way to create more work for IT’s because too lazy to just rewrite msconfig.


problem with IE 10 in mobile-mode. upload to FB followed with a screen-freeze. seems to be a degeneration into MORE screen-freezes over TIME. that is with settings for cache-delete on browser close (excluding cookies and passwords).

a few times, found IE process running, when every instance of IE closed-out.


Camera stopped working, (webcam “records” but no file is deposited in webcam folder) working again, after restart. (did switch-out the USB on that today for stronger electrical-signal.)


seems to be no search-engine installed for the app-store


plus side of things, is that duel-desktop seems to work great. however …….. ATI graphics gamers are NOT going to be happy to find that CCC has no attachment to graphics drivers and I guess best way to say it is that Microsoft took proprietary control over ALL graphics. now, seeing the struggle and inabilities for individual graphics-board manufacturers to BUILD correct drivers (for most part over the years, have installed ATI drivers only, minus their UI) AND have seen MS stick with the older ATI driver for install. which MEANS that MS fixed an ATI compatibility w/windows and then ATI applied a “fix” that would UN-FIX it and i’m not sure what all the fuss is-about.

probably something to do with DRM ……….. would be my guess. with full control of graphics drivers by Microsoft, DRM is full and complete control by OS for display. while this spells SOME loss of freedom, I APPROVE of this measure in control. only because TOO many will set refresh rates to burn out their monitors quickly, and will also set graphics to over-stress CPU and power supplies.

HOWEVER ……… I do NOT approve of the default settings for “generic PNP monitors” that have ANY non-recognized monitor set to a 70 MHz refresh rate when SHOULD be at 60 mhz. so is that Microsoft trying to burn-out any monitor not on their “known” list? (ie specifications registered for digital management)

that pissed me off. just because my little Emerson TV isn’t on your “list” doesn’t give YOU the right to fry it. AND the values reset to 70 mhz after every reboot. not good ………. big not good on that one.
(btw, on DVI the HP monitor comes up as “generic” and is ALSO then set to a 70 mhz refresh rate ……… when that rate is NOT a regular option when the monitor is ‘recognized’ (hide refresh rates this monitor cannot display). and YES, that might be because a digital signal can do the 70 mhz, but the Emerson TV was attached VGA ….. so looks like Windows 8 is treating ALL “generic Pnp” monitors to a dose of 70 mhz refresh.

which you won’t notice right away, but then a monitor not geared for that kind of power-use will fry within a year.


a strange and disturbing internet occurrence on Windows 8 ……… went to YouTube and found it had me already logged-in, under a name and account i haven’t used in more than 6 months. might have been me just being forgetful —- but i usually take fairly good mental-notes on stuff like that. Also, Google (to sign on for GMail) put up my yahoo email address automatically as the account-name. which there is NO reason for them to have that on this machine. i had not signed into yahoo …….. and the ONLY time had even typed that email address was to access an account on Myspace.

so somehow, Google got log-in information off a Myspace cookie ………………. ? OR information on my OTHER youtube account (set up with the yahoo email) somehow prompted a sign-in. but that is form-filling BY a website based on prior visitation…… not been done before i found it not only disturbing, but ANNOYING. cost me TIME, to then ERASE the incorrect data, and place correct data.

a good example, when computing goes TOO far in “guessing” what the user “wants.”


now for the final bug ……….. it is one that will take MUCH in repair. MS will need to rewrite their spellcheck exe process. the switch on it is faulty, and DOES NOT respond to the controls. i repeat …. DOES NOT respond to the controls.

can have the spell correct turn OFF in settings ….. with spellcheck left ON. and the program STILL auto-corrects everything you type. WHICH, when you are a poet …… is beyond bad. see, i forget to kill the spellchecker process, and then it corrects without me NOTICING. then i go back, and am like “i didn’t write that!”

talk about a computer making you feel like you’re losing your mind. DEFAULT for spell-correct should be OFF. barring that, the SWITCH to turn it OFF should at least WORK! so …….. am left with a write i did NOT write, and trying to then remember the ACTUAL words i DID type (even if the computer decided my spelling was off and had the “knowledge” to know what i DID intend) want to know how MANY times the word i am looking for does NOT appear on the spellcheck list? or how many times the word i intend is NOT the first offering ON that list?

that’s how many times then, an auto-correct program screws me over.

when you are an EDITOR of your OWN work ……. Microsoft just managed to DOUBLE the amount of my work. and in many cases …. the loss is irreplaceable.


i guess that’s enough for one week. it’s a GOOD operating system …….. i have worked with Linux, Android, a little Apple, and then Windows 95, XP, Vista, Windows 7 …………. and Windows 8 has them entirely beat at the get-go. and that’s WITH the bugs i’ve listed here. once things get smoothed-out a bit, are looking at new age of computing. when it’s THIS good, i’ll put up with the DRM.


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