neck and rubber neck

hot diggity

figured out MY definition for ‘fascist’

a person who

or people who

make it so there IS no WRONG choice


not just telling you this that that that this


but making it so the choice is not even THERE


and then of course

the parameters of what IS right and wrong

are only a matter of POWER


he with the most marbles calls the most shots


something like that …..

(and then of course you get all the conformity that is the fascist’s wet dream)

am waiting for someone to come on the line

from the doctor’s office


this annoying not only bad music that sound 20 times

worse over a cellphone …..

but also the periodic “advertisements” with answers



this last just told me what a valuable customer I AM


holy smokes

I must have got put on their black list


it said I had a 1 minute wait 20 minutes ago


and I’m calling them to let them know

courtesy call

that it kind of helps them to get their money

if they bill the INSURANCE

instead of billing ME


just one of those technical things

a medical provider should have down pat


finally got through

but then told need to leave a voicemail


which they kind of could have done

instead of the wait … right?


this is why I DON’T like automated answering service

as in hated and hope they die don’t like

premise is they save time


but are only a TRANSFER of time …. which on average

COSTS the consumer

the customer

the client ……….. TWICE as much

as whatever amount of time the business



so if we are in this boat together

which we ARE

instead of a net minus of 2 minutes time, say

are incurring a net minus of 3 minutes


well something close on that order

in other words

it’s one of those things

that are so completely stupid that they drive

intelligent people crazy


that’s another definition I hammered out this week:


insanity is caused

by the DNA trait of intelligence in a side-loading



in that THEN, that intelligence sets you up to be

DRIVEN crazy

by all the multitudes of STUPID people

out there …..



(they are always “out there” …….. not “in here” for

some reason.  )


life, the universe …. time and tide, my friend


so I left a message

her name is Wendy

I gave them my business-minded voice

because once in a while you get tired

of playing friendly dim-wit



not read the paper much

past two days

playing with but really studying

Windows 8

new OS




and you’ll LOVE this

the phone just chortled “message sent”

which means this whole time it was still

recording the “message!”  AND …. hahahaha

I TALK out loud when I am writing.  or at the least

mumble the words


so now this VERY odd long message will be given

well that’s what they get

for putting me on a blacklist


me!  the most pleasant person in the universe

worlds and worlds …….

inside out



divides the only sense

and sense the only reason to bifurcate divides


computers are cool

Windows 8




I like when something can keep up with me



they like to call it attention-deficit, but it’s not MY fault you don’t understand the natural purpose behind condoned distraction.


2 Replies to “neck and rubber neck”

  1. So true about intelligence and the fine line between genius and insanity. The sheer volume of stupidity and stupid people out there is enough to boggle the mind. Glad you got to leave a REALLY long message…HAHAHAHAHA….serves them right. 🙂

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