“mad men” disappointing and far from the 60’s

I don’t see what thing is about mad men

the tv show

I watched it twice

first dismissed as depressing


then again

this last month

because such a hoopla

and it’s still bad


I don’t understand

even wikipedia mentions praise for “historical accuracy”

and THAT’s the problem I have with it


the writing is BAD – as in colloquialisms from at most 20 years

into the past

and this is supposed to be the 60’s

but the writers of this show have them talking like NOW

I forget what the man was saying

wife sitting in bed

but was nothing

not even close —- to how anything would sound in the 60’s



so not like I’m comparing to old movies

comparing to real forms of expression

they are totally overlooked in mad men ….


in all their “historical accuracy” the one thing

they don’t bother to get ‘right’ is

the language.


and that sort of ruins it, makes more like

a host of players doing dress-up into mommy

and daddy’s sixties, but nothing really

truly close.  I felt cheated.  I felt like “that seventies show”

was better at presenting material

because at least they got SOME of the words right


it’s the SCRIPT – the most important part of a show

and you have them talking like

they just stepped out of a Barnes and Noble

sucking back a starbucks …. because now-sound

is COOL …. and it’s more important to nail-home

this absence of reality

in distance from a past that is so much easier

to absorb as some form of now


language is attitude, after all.


I hate mad men for wasting my time TWICE

to check out a TV show not worth even once

because the premise

sounds completely interesting……… a drama set in the 60’s.


try only listening to it, though

without the costumes or props – does not SOUND

like the 60’s

nope nope nope

sounds like people talking just around the corner

more like a drama set in the 90’s

===flat and non-committal language ===


and that’s not interesting at all.


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