a flag for standards

in the end
there are only two things that matter in life:
what you call ‘enemy’
and what you call ‘friend’

like the person that designed this program
to skip two lines at a time
when you hit enter
instead of one

UNLESS you hit enter WHILE holding down
the shift
why not let those who WANT 2 line-spaces
hit enter TWICE?

because they …. “they” decided it would be
more fun to be dickish
that’s all
I can’t see any other reason, can you?

are they afraid those who NEED a double space
can’t figure out HOW
to hit the enter key one more time?

but then a person is supposed to somehow
telepathically KNOW
that in order to get a SINGLE space
you hold the shift

plus that enforces a bad habit
when writing verse
of always holding the shift
to enter …

further command lines that can PREY
on that habit
like they put “yes” to the left for “agree”

but then those who hope you don’t READ
put it on the right


know you blimb-bods can’t agree on much
anything …. BUT on yes



pretty bad when a consensus cannot be reached
for positive and

so every time I want a single line
and mistakenly press only the enter key

then have to back-space
hit enter AGAIN with the shift-key

I curse the person who did this
who had too many chocolate lattes that morning
or something

got the brainstorm;  why don’t we just engineer it to SKIP
two lines at a time?  on enter …. that WAY, we save all

TIME.  and I think on how stupid is stupid?  after about 20 times
in the course of this write
I forget to hold the shift

I HATE shift keys, remember?  why incorporate holding extra keys?

like are you on a space shuttle, where you can’t afford the SPACE?
where compact is some sort of necessary design?

standards.   stupid and then costing ME extra time every time I write
because of a chocolate latte ….


it’s the principle of the thing

now I started with something else ….
oh yea


frack the single lines, by the way

I’m not going to RETRAIN my body to hold down a shift

EVERY time.   twist clockwise on a helix THEM


now…..oh yea

what matters in life

enemy or friend


you KNOW who your enemies are

but sometimes don’t know who your friends are

sometimes in the darkest hours/moments

tell yourself all are lies and all are enemy

not friend


because man is like that

I think a friend is a person place or thing

that makes you well


an enemy is a person place or thing

that requires lessons in letting others



we all experience harm

an enemy is not that which causes harm

sometimes you have to go through the bad to get to the good

sometimes it bites your mom spanked you

but otherwise you would have grown up differently




we try to classify this and that


in twos

when opposition becomes the defining point

so that anyone who is not friend

is enemy

any who is not enemy

is friend


but much doesn’t work that way

so we have a third;

that which isn’t friend OR enemy


what do you call that?









3 in one

opposing the 1

balance and weights



9 angels

9 demons

12 houses

12 levels


10 fingers

10 toes




23 scadoooooo ………..

I looked at a chicken today

weighed it

in my hand … not much different

than an infant, really

chicken feet of these new breeds look more like toenails

not claws

I wonder if they injected human DNA into chicken?  just

for fun, after that poet during the irish famine

asked if it wouldn’t be prudent for

humans to just eat their young?


eh …. these things floated through my brain

as I weigh the uncooked chicken in my hand


I wrapped it in foil

and put it in the oven anyway






down the road I see lots of shacks

where anger keeps out all exploration




7 Replies to “a flag for standards”

  1. Creepy thoughts there at the end and creepy picture in conjunction with them, but you raise a valid point. What’s that old saying about keeping your friends close and enemies closer? Or some such twaddle. Except it has a ring of truth to it – friends are sometimes the worst enemies you can have because they can hurt you. You’re vulnerable to the hurt because you’ve opened yourself up to the friendship. Black, white and a bazillion shades of grey, and everyone you know and don’t know can fall somewhere along that scale. And some of them even move along that scale throughout a lifetime, so it becomes even more confusing as to how to sort them out.

    Am with you 110% on the double enter thing. Retarded to the nth degree. I look at it as someone trying to find a way to justify their (programming?) job. Why else would anyone in their right mind accept the enter+shift as being the DEFAULT for single spacing? Can’t wrap my head around that one.

  2. it is a way to AUTOMATICALLY place ANY text within a field. is why they do it, and can then PROGRAM with CSS for ANYTHING. like a person could add CSS to your blog to collapse every field. would effectively erase the blog, with ONE sentence of code. but since each “space” is in a specific field to begin with, the placing of text into a mandatory field is done for some sort of standard on the POSSIBILITY that field might be needed down the road.

    which is STUPID. because THEN part of that standard applying to SOME and not to OTHERS. better to be inconsistently one bad thing — THAT you can fix.

    so doesn’t even make sense on THAT level! hahaha ….

    stupid definitely the cause of insanity. what does a smart MEAN person do when confronted with stupid? they go out and conquer the frack out of the world. what does a smart NICE person do? they go insane.

    what happens when a society decides to stop delineating enemy and not-enemy? yea, am sort of pointing to the whole drugged-out hippie thing as the source of rising “rates” of nutso …….. AND you get the irony of that being a matter of more people being FORCABLY drugged. *Eileen would sigh here, but is too dang tired for THAT*

  3. ps: yea, why I ended up using a different picture for the “featured image” at top. when can ‘see’ possibilities and mind swings both ways calculating probabilities. then ALL depends on whether “seeing” others as “friend” or “enemy.” is like a CSS trait applied to a div field. why so easy to “change” with a drug. why that’s NOT the smartest move, and therapy is the more lasting approach ….. make so no matter what “context” of perception, one has a form of ‘appropriate’ REACTION. PLUS have to keep in mind that much in the way of NOT conforming action to those around you IS the perception of SEEING that grouping as TARGETED and doing smart thing in not JOINING for a collective FATE.

    then we compound that with the “consequence” of “God” and some ambiguous form of “punishment” ……….. it’s a snowball. don’t stop a snowball PROCESS from constantly shifting medial causes. you get the pebble at the top of the hill. now I guess, I DO use metaphors, hahahahaha ……… it’s the tired ones I suppose that are considered “new” just because done in the 20 thousandth way ….

    or maybe when it’s the GOAL of the metaphor – simply be an “outstanding metaphor” like some vain sort of application that diverts purpose.

  4. Hi there um had to say that the “2 line return” you call it is actually a full return and has been with MS word, right through to book layout software since forever! So the soft return the i
    one line you refer to. Designers and editors have been using this for years since I believe hand made type days. 2 line return isn’t quite 2 lines. So holding down the shift can be a pain (slightly) until you get used to it. Hey why don’t you write in plain/simple text and copy and paste. Works fine.

    1. just because it’s been done forever doesn’t mean it’s still not dickish. and stupid. from a purely efficiency-expert point of view. how is making more people use a shift key to space, easier than making some people space twice?

      i learned to type on my grandmother’s old Royal ….one of the first manual typewriters. has the metal wheel you set for the spacing you want.

      they made TOOLS back then, that worked for you instead of making your job harder. too many get the technique for programming down and have no common sense.

      now how is opening one program, typing in that, then taking the TIME to copy and paste …. faster than hitting a “shift” key. and how is hitting a shift key less time-consuming than NOT hitting a shift key?

      it’s all kind of past the realm of dumb and into the land of “are you kidding me?” the complacency to accept poorly made standards is just a sign of how well so many are schooled in complacency. rather than educated in invention.

      and i’ll TELL you why they programmed it like that! because TOO many were accustomed to hitting the return key at the END of a LINE. because that’s how you had to do it in the old days. YOU had to decide on which word to end your line, spacing to the next.

      there was NO word-wrap. but even WITH word-wrap available, people were still hitting the enter key. BECAUSE they learned on the electric typewriters, that the enter key was how you went to the next line.

      they were UNABLE to make the transition to digital typing and word-wrap …. this standard for programming Word was the “enforcement” or fascist-patch to keep people from creating line breaks which would then end up not responding to word-wrap html commands.

      SO ………. you have ME, and everybody LIKE me ……….. PAYING for the reams of STUPID out there that could NOT figure out how to STOP hitting the enter key. and that pisses me off. call me quirky.

      because you know all that they had to do? write one program to fix every document of word-wrap inconsistencies. and they were too lazy to do that. it would have gotten a lot of work in the olds days and then petered out to almost nothing now.

      but instead …… we have whatever THIS is.

      and meanwhile, the ones who couldn’t figure out how to NOT hit the enter key, are sitting in resthomes and relaxing in graves … and we’re still using a programming measure put into force to “help” them do their jobs right. not only THAT, but that measure has TRAINED others like you incorrectly in the manner of and for efficient typing. so if we switch it back to something RIGHT now, then you dum dums are screwed. so they will CONTINUE to cost this generation and every and more to the future, on TIME and EFFORT and EFFICIENCY ………not to mention PROPER standards for html universality —- because NO one wants to pay NOW.

      THAT is stupid. THAT is why i am ANGRY (quit auto-correcting me Miss SplChk). THAT is a sign of a DISEASE of humanity that is DIRE. to root this out we need to fix the foundations of allowed selfish compunction. THEN matters such as costing all on and on into the future, will STOP.

      but i don’t know how to fix stupid when it’s combined with selfish. don’t tell me it’s not bad. i can see exactly how bad it is. that is not taking it too far. in sociological standards, we need to figure out a better balance between selfish and community.

      i REFUSE to pay for other’s stupidity. THEREFORE, i do not use programming that enforces forever-payments for one bit of stupid. in fact, do not use Office because they put the controls for FIXING the line spacing like 3 pages back, and THEN even have it reset for every new document.

      kind of goes beyond bad ………. into something i’m not sure what we can call it. but it’s close to criminal.

      how? why? why has no one with “power” seen to having any of this fixed? well, i would ask Bill Gates, but he’s off in Africa doing penance.

      long story short, the power-structures put a bunch of nit-wit selfish boys in charge … and it took many many SMART non-selfish ones in Open Source to kick them into at least a semblance of community-worth. and we know all-to-most of OSE is not “non-selfish” and working for this and that interest or possible future gains. but doesn’t matter. the “smart” part is what matters.

      you have firefox still running circles around IE …….. why? because IE is STILL using standards for deployment that are STUPID and simply payment of poor foresight in programming development. there is double-check for correct code before displaying a web page. which the necessity for THAT became obsolete what …. like 5 years ago? but IE kept doing it. AND kept creating standards for html that were ILLOGICAL because they catered to those initial check-point features.

      NOW they swing in with IE 10 and html 5, because it took hitting them over the head with a sledgehammer. you have NO idea how many HOURS i spent going over code, trying to get something to JUST display in IE the way i intend. because they did NOT adhere to ANY digital form of composition within their programming-structure. and there was NO way, and i’m sure their programmers realized as i did ……. that they were not going to write themselves out of those poor choices.

      it was a computing dead-end of analogous design. which we need those, or the development would occur too fast. BUT …. not to the point that further development is hindered by STUPID.

      AND i don’t think it is FAIR ……….. after YEARS of making Adobe dance around IE and Office ……. to cut them out of the picture NOW. just because making anything secure as MS went farther into their debacle, became impossible. though the extortion-pricing for Adobe graphics software almost makes me want to see them burn.

      BUT ……. at least they have developed a practical design for a graphic-interface program. AND they did NOT get any of that from open source, because i have used their programming. Gimp has added complexities onto that format, so the initial credit for good design and foresight goes to Adobe. off the subject.

      just saying i KNOW ………. and i SEE. the fact that a programming enforcement for human behavior in TYPING that is 50 years old is STILL in effect and most likely will CONTINUE ………. is called living to fulfill the dying-wishes of STUPID. and we have a circle of causality.

      there will be no progress, until those making some decisions quite literally pull their heads out of their asses.

      1. I think you are a bit confused – I don’t find it annoying. Its because I know a bit coding in a computer and there is a logic in it. Its not a case of always the same should the same etc. Copywriters, eitors and designers are generally quite happy with the convention of soft returns. And we are the main ones who use it. You sound a bit neurotic perhaps? “fascist -patch”? Come on! Having we got more real problems in the west to deal with? As a poet you would hopefully be in tune with some of the pain – poverty trap that the that Occupy Movement represents?

  5. Of course i’m neurotic. But am also correct. You know a little code…in the old days we mapped the flow charts. The panic is from seeing too many with adopted views and no true contemplation. Now all platforms must be rebuilt and content lost or transferred because of wunderkinds and their bright ideas such as your soft return. And it does come from a fascist mindset that sees control in computer design more important than future returns in universal build. Far as poverty….we do not need more riches. We need dignity.

    I put myself in your mindset to get through, but know your rhythm. Is one who has map and believes role and how you should be is right because faith gives calm. n that’s ok. is same as broken horse. Some broken horse make lead to break others and that’s ok too.

    Me i grew up in german-lutheran school. have observed much. Occupy, especially in europe is because dum dums made it too hard for young men to be in college and now all have mobs of restless young men. How hard to fix? Put back in college. Find why men homeless and fix. All act like some big puzzle just too hard for them to figure out. But truth is many don’t want to fix, but instead keep men in streets because that gives men feasting more women and gold. And those on middle support because they too want lipttle work and lots feast. While 12 year old girls build bricks in india. Not only needs change, needs change yesterday. Is shameful. We ok as long as don’t know and don’t see. My panic-anger is because i know once i not see. Now i see and mad….mad at all. Mad at me for sleeping. Mad at my no-answer when selfish has control and power over stupid. Only answer to make not stupid. And we are back at all are making college too hard for poor man. Is not going to be fixed.

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