meandered wit

we did good back in the day, didn’t we?
i didn’t read last night

was fixing a system
rooted it and


said ok if do the update
(frm PD)
but no
either they lied or PD made an
for me … delusion swings me to prefer the latter

isn’t delusion more than fooling yourself into a different reality?
isn’t it CHOOSING a different reality because
you aren’t important-enough
in the

real reality


well i’m sort of going the opposite of too important
though doctorin anything
is a sign of discomfort

so i got the OS rewritten
re-did the Root updater
and started reloading apps

you need the Root
because everywhere you go

in Android
it says “Sorry! you CAN’T do that!
you can’t erase that file
you can’t change that setting
no way you can make THAT big


all alike …. streamline conformity
into quantifiable data

so that’s why you Root
so you can change IT

customize … make something
(more) less likely to FALL
when the hackers hit

when the parts go
as they are designed to-do

circumvent disaster
and debility

SO i was fixing the instrument
didn’t get to the papers

as i was loading the last app
the tablet fell from my hands
sleep a matter of demand

the body listens
if you don’t

conformity of purpose

mostly i think we question ourselves too much

or not ENOUGH

…………. one of the two

one week when huffington is doing something
IT is the parent company of AOL

next week when AOL is doing something
IT is the parent company of huffington

isn’t THAT a confusing relationship

facebook is making some interesting decisions
before it goes to the auction (chopping) block

looks like the market did a bounce-back
climbing again with the new winners
on top of the old


pretty easy to pick a stock, now
anything that isn’t jerking all over the place

is a good bet

slow and steady wins it every time, boys ….

tortoise and the hare
i should go up to the house
and deliver cookies

a smile … encouragement … something

sort of assess legs
and the day
spent 3 minutes looking up assess
because i’m THAT stupid

looked too much like “asses”

thought there had to be a “c” in there somehow

but day has sunchine on brick
not much else but

gray skies

hope i can marshal some steam
doubt it

thinking about 20 ways to crack my back
husband used to stand
grab under pits


giant fix-it

for some reason i was thinking about my uncle
donating blood every month

died of cancer
kind of young
his mom lasted longer than he did


i get comfort in thinking of all man
as monkeys

big, slightly-less-hair and
not much brighter

it makes more stuff make sense

than deciding we’re gods
or the children of God
even though bigger asses
and less pride

than even a monkey could claim
on its worst days (best days?)
it sort of fits better

with my disappointment

what do you expect from an ANIMAL?
but then ‘what’ are you looking at-it WITH?
and that’s the giant fool
that fools himself first

(“all are queer but thee and me
and even thee is a little queer at times.” yea)

deciding the looking glass is correct in
determining detrimental flaw
in other looking-glass
if they are flawed then your looking
is probably flawed and seeing their flaw may or
may not be REAL but might be just exaggeration
but most assuredly NOT right
and either better or
WORSE 000000 ————– i knew there was a reason
i didn’t take that tangent first write through ……

not USEFUL stuff
but i got all the non-efficient patter

figure it out for yourself!

you know when i awoke?
was at that ranch
that farm
his name was Ed or Don or something
(no, it was Gus — now i remember)

rugs were braided
had my dog


man goes why you letting it lick your face?
“oh, my puppy loves me!”

“he’s just trying to get the food left around
your mouth”

that’s when i knew

or rather
discovered … that maybe
just maybe those

raised me were not exactly on the up and up
no one had said … i felt foolish

a little BEYOND foolish

went outside and talked to some cows
life changed after that


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