distracted views

back sharp pain

you console yourself with the idea
that might have to begin pain


that so many take gobs
and you haven’t

though more a testament to
motivation in worlds of

easter came and went
sunshine decides to warm

AOL is belonging to Huffington
sold patents to Microsoft

HP one of few in Dow with gains today
the eye turns inward

Java found out lazy programming
hurts Mac

Microsoft finally seems to be promoting Kinect
not sure targeting seniors
watching golf

is a way to sell software that gets you up
and moving

then again
little johnny and suzie are visiting
gram and gramps
with SUCH degrees of boredom
that any semi-cool commercial

will stand out

(like a pink rooster in the county taffy-pulling

i told her Kinect is perfect
for weapons-applications
made her look in a frightened way
at ME

i suppose
unless you see the math
perfection only a matter of ‘close’
with enough data

close-being-off is not so relevant

the use of data profiles
to structure

categorizations in diversity

until each has
original map

don’t worry if you don’t get that
she didn’t either

didn’t matter
Olive Garden still makes pretty good breadsticks
we did brunch

i tried to tone it down
but don’t do that well

talks of old movies

and i’m off mapping all the fracking
incorporated to undermine


clues and covert B.S.

thinking how kids have google
who needs mom and dad to be “right” anymore?

so that’s an interesting thought
the leveling

the no more ‘my parents are better connected
than your parents.’

the smart that knows how to search
knows what they WANT

editorial note: self is not applicable in most

dow is dropping for fifth day in a row
losing all gains from last week?

excuse me
that’s all gains from last MONTH

361 minus minus minus

Face Book decides to sign with NASDAQ
i guess that’s a different exchange
i watch new york

not sure why

you know the streets are electric?
pulses come up through the cement
tickle synaptic daydreams

i’m not sure how a man who looks
native american
gets classified as white when he kills a black man

somebody said mormons don’t believe in the trinity
that that is main ‘difference’
because of course
there has to be ONE

and i think how brother peterson is constantly asking
me if
i ‘feel’ the spirit (communion hopes)

how every LDS prayer starts with
“heavenly Father”

how there is a huge statue of christ
right inside the temple visitor-center

you climb up and up
sit on a bench
and watch with JESUS

look out over the city
tell Him it’s been rough
He doesn’t speak
but for recorded bible passages
over and over

but that’s ok
because it’s something

and i think about some uneducated
(assumptions abound!) evangelical pastor
stating BIG

Mormons don’t have the “trinity”

so i’m not sure
WHAT he thinks trinity IS

the big difference is Mormons
are 85% more likely to practice what they preach

that’s about it.

not sure WHY
have wondered if the women have joint orgasm-sessions
in those secret


i have kept temple-worthy out of my spectrum

editorial note: self is not applicable in most

took a picture
in quiet reverence

at hawaiian temple
that’s gonna have to be good enough
i was twelve

mostly join as many as possible
because that way if they want to kill each other
they kill themselves

like you don’t like mormons?
i’m CATHOLIC too!

don’t like Lutherans?
but 50% of Luterans are Methodists ….

lol … my solution
is to inner-breed the faiths
like a giant pot
of ‘who cares?’

nobody seems to be able to agree
on what starts autism

or whether mammography
is bad

or if 4 out of 5 dentists are DEAD now
so it doesn’t matter

how do you trust someone who sold their soul?
you don’t

editorial note: self is not applicable in most
worlds and worlds, my friend ….


the Dow has now fallen
50 more points

-411 minus minus minus

pain stretches to my shoulders
and i think how i need to just relax
let something go

when i’m not grasping anything
in first place

sort of like boats without ballast
they dump
now great lakes messed UP

transport bacteria in ballast
bring fungus in on FROGS

san fran …. why do you HATE us?
eco-systems under attack

and i think about tadpoles
the little streams in the mountains of
southern california

watching the legs grow

…………… they hop away

i think about kids NOW
not gonna have that
and i HATE

but maybe that’s what they want
the Chinese just want to eat their frogs

but …… who knows
probably just ploy to filter more funds
because water has some act provisions
coming round this year

and nobody is ready
nobody qualifies

precursor to announcement
how CAN we make water ‘good’
with all this coming in from china

yea …. probably.

my (PHD) cousin said
is stupid because we can’t do it


waters …….. this is from a guy
who rides his bike 20 miles to work
tells ya


editorial note: self is not applicable in most

back fracking every nerve
i need to relax

none left

so swing the other way — wind ’em up
swing out the door

let every stupid GET it:

you don’t stop just because forward is difficult
take notes on


preach preach preach

fracking back stab stab stab

if you wonder how much pain
i LOVE when they ask you to tell THEM
is it ONE or SEVEN?
from 1 to 10 how bad is the pain?

and i ask them
have YOU had a child?

most people don’t get it

editorial note: self is not applicable in most

eat your pop-tarts
wash down with white wine
get in your hampster balls

Dow now running

(over month …. today?
i might have told someone
experts in congress last week

80% of value is fluff
they used another word but it’s

on wings and a prayer

what IS the trinity

sometimes make my coffee bitter
because hopes have to punish


electronics seem to be pulling the cart
oh Microsoft!

how do you lie?

with sweet wrapper gums
and yum-ditty-dumbs
’cause the rest think that money can fly

when the back hurts you worst
you bow to the ground
kiss every thought that would cure
then you rise-up again
find a heart in your pen

and i don’t think pure has any application here

-429 minus minus minus

i hope i have some advil around here somewhere


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