vision on

the silence
the blank the empty

brace of night and dark
design replete with


all the all
in any future

smartly alive
for every part that asks you to be yourself

what else would self be?

blankets of breathability
the smooth aspect of no-despair
where stones would love you more
to fill with angst
cruel worry binds the spoken brow …

i sigh a smile deeply into darkness
the world not what i dreamed

but slowly getting there
one hope at a time

one heart in front of another
drifting to horizons

to reality in movement
in journey
in the quiet obligatory resettlement

of everything precious
there is no end to what you can see

factored and mirrored
eyes toast the meaning of joy

the dark surrounds
and i wish you so much
so much in peace

there are no words for how it will all be OK

4 thoughts on “vision on

  1. This is such a hopeful (full of hope) poem that I come away from it truely uplifted.

    And I love the lines –

    “but slowly getting there
    one hope at a time”



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