cats are only cats

thinking about cats, and how i never did understand my sister’s approach.  almost as puzzling as grandma’s in how would consider an answer to bad-potty in putting newspapers down.  then you just had the mess on the papers instead of the floor.

later years i wondered if she did that to try and destroy the resale value of that house, the one where her son made her pay rent.  who knows — people do strange things.

but my sister?  heavens … got these two new cats, on top of the four she had.  and the male one sprayed all over her house.  if it was me, that cat would be gone…. out of there — see ya!  but she kept it, and told guests to be careful to not leave pillows on the floor or the cat would pee on them.  it boggles the mind.

one christmas i got to sleep on the couch surrounded by the odor of cat piss.  and this is not at a trailer park home, this is with a swimming pool and private waterfall outback.  never made any sense.

couldn’t spend 5 minutes on the phone with me, but didn’t bother her to spend her day cleaning up after cat-spray.  have to love that one.  what couldn’t understand, was this behavior was there when the cat was first with her.  it’s not like a beloved pet you had for 10 years started to misbehave and you put up with it out of loyalty.

so i don’t get it.  granted, one of the many things i don’t get.  i also don’t understand the logic that spends thousands of dollars on and operation for a cat.  and i love cats.  just think it’s wrong.  it’s wrong and self-indulgent when so many in the world are starving.  an animal–a pet, gets more from you than fellow human beings.  kinda stinks in my book.  but there ya go.

in otherwords, next time your pet is seriously ill and the vet tells you it will be thousands of dollars — say no thanks, take that same amount and gift it to the homeless man on the corner holding a sign.  donate to the local clinic that treats people with no medical or dental insurance.  give it to a person outside a grocery store ….. anything!  just make better use of that kind of money.  to do elsewise is a disgrace.  i blanched in horror at the amount my sister said she spent on one cat.  got hit by a car, and even so would never be fully healed and in pain for the remainder of her days.  what kind of sense?

broke a rule with this blog — no dirty laundry–no gossip.  said i would.  keep my word.  🙂

ps:  jasmine agrees


2 Replies to “cats are only cats”

  1. Lol cute picture of Jasmine. She does look like she agrees. You know some people come to think of their cats (and dogs and other pets) as their “children”, so they get the mindset of if it was their “kid”, wouldn’t they do everything they could and spend X amount of money trying to save it/fix it, etc.? The spraying would (more than likely) go away if she took him to the vet and got him neutered. The stench of cat pee is one of the most horrid smells in the world, and I would never ask anyone to sleep over if the house smelled that way. 😦 But people spend every day with these animals, and they don’t even see the homeless people on the street, so it would never occur to them to give that money to a person, instead, because they personify the animal to the point that it is family. And family always comes before strangers. Or at least that is my guess as to the “why” of it. Recently watched a show about animal hoarding and it made me so sad for the animals…the people who do it, usually are doing it because they love animals so much better than people, but they couldn’t take care of all of them and the animals suffered. I guess animals give unconditional love that a lot of people are missing in their lives…I dunno. I still like cats much better than dogs though. 🙂

    1. i like both cats and dogs, i guess. it’s easier having a cat in an apartment, of course. you’re probably right about identifying with animals more … and people that do that have a hard time talking or opening up to others.

      kinda not why i have a cat, though did get her right after giving my daughter up for adoption. and i KNEW it was because i just couldn’t carry on without SOMETHING to take care of and fill that void at least a bit.

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