oh i love a nice day for a walk

send out a email to family/friends about the ebook, and get no response back.  did call 1 friend, so know the email worked.

and you know, it’s ok that i am that type of dismissed.  really am kinda used to it at this point.  what hurts is that i expect more from ones that consider themselves decent people.  at least some sort of manners.

which means i don’t even qualify for a mannered response!  lol ………. now that takes talent to get that one going.  it’s EASY to be smarmy and get all kinds to like you.  try being a qualified ass in 360 degrees!  ha!  gonna see about making ebook available at barnes and noble next.  try to get my foot in the door here and there.

makes me miss my grandma, though ……….. she the one that would always be happy for me when heard good news.  and folks at FB been great.   just the no-response email a reality.  you wonder what it means ……….. i process the numbers.  probabilities.  look at it and shake my head.

funny how it is.  maybe time for me to break a few of my own rules in the way of decorum  🙂   one way streets and all …. never thought the concept was ground-worthy.


Feedback always welcome

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