Inspection time for planet Earth

Seems a little strange how everything is deadlined for 2014. Just now read in the china post, on world powers planning to lock down all access to nuclear materials by 2014.  (If you haven’t tried it, Calibre will download world newspapers and upload them to your ereader.)

But i’m just wondering what’s up with ‘all will be perfect by 2014’ bit.  Environment, nutrition and food manufacturing, building projects:  everything seems to have chosen 2014 as some magical year when all will be set right.  Maybe that’s when the aliens return to see what we’ve done with their borrowed technology.  Like sprucing up the house before aunt betsy comes for a visit.

Take me to your leader?


3 Replies to “Inspection time for planet Earth”

  1. If we’re still here in 2014. I mean, you know the world is supposed to end this year in December, right? 😉 It does seem mighty strange, though, that that particular year has been chosen for some really important shite. Maybe it’s to give the regular folks a sense of hope that we will actually make it to 2014. If/when the aliens return, my guess is that they’re gonna be hella pissed at what we’ve done to the place. O_o

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