the Nasal Pot industry and a lot of unthinking people

believe me, if i thought nasal rinsing was a good idea i’d be doing it every day.

chronic sinusitis …….. constant infection because of bad teeth in my upper jaw. at least after getting this last one fixed, can manage without the sinus pills every day. had a friend who sent herself to the doctor BECAUSE of sinus pills and too much drying of the mucosus membranes.

when it comes to the rinsing, fact is that you HAVE to remember that drug addicts also snort coke. what does that MEAN? it means that one way to by-pass the filtering and protective properties of the digestive system — is to shove something up your nose. the nose has hairs and produces mucous to filter breathable air —–recognized particles are then trapped and not allowed to enter the body. which means that nasal rinsing manages to by-pass TWO bodily protections with one BAD IDEA.

it’s all good stuff, you say? did you distill the water yourself …. in a home still? did you go to the quarry and mine the salt? even SO, have you watched over that salt dig to ensure it wasn’t corrupted or poisoned? how is there any way …..any way whatsoever, to be guaranteed that putting anything up your nose won’t deliver something unexpected?

salt is the natural enemy of bacteria … a saline rinse will knock out bacteria. but did you also know, that without normal levels of bacteria the way is open for other types of infection? call it ‘God’ or call it ‘instinct’ … there is a reason your own body tries to protect you from your environment. i don’t think it’s wise to create missions to thwart those processes.

maybe the nasal pots will make good urns. because they certainly don’t make good sense.

***another thing to think about: whether it’s a nasal rinse or a line of coke …… the psychology is the same. addictive properties for nasal rinsing are very real and very there.


3 Replies to “the Nasal Pot industry and a lot of unthinking people”

  1. My mom used to use tap water in her neti pot. I showed her the first article about the amoeba and she now boils the water before using it. She only uses it when she is super congested, but you have a ton of good points about not using it at all. Thanks, E. I will pass the info. along. Hope your sinuses aren’t giving you too much hell from the pollen.

  2. i react more to indoor–mold / mildew. big fan of lysol. some nasal pot talk on fb and was like days of druggies talking about their best highs. ugh. have to distill, btw. only way to get H2O without other chemical compounds. even boiled— chlorine content can be high, as well as flouride and other chemicals. course precautions just feed into getting the consumer to buy more stuff.

  3. oh and steam is different…..when need run the hotwater and snot ferociously into the sink. or they have the sort of pot fill with boiled water and the spout just for steam only into nose. important to not create a ritual around breathing better….trap

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