Ubuntu: Natty Nightmare and the Neverending Street

last night spent installing Ubuntu 10.10 to the netbook. first, wanted to give 11.04 — Natty Nightmare — another shot. but it wasn’t to be.

i was having trouble getting Windows 7 to partition the drive correctly, so planned to have the Ubuntu installer do the partitioning. in earlier versions, if you choose “install side by side” — then are given an OPTION of how large or small you wish to make that partition. and also where you wanted to land the bootloader.

instead, without a by-your-leave the 11.04 install disc just starts installing right after side-by-side choice. nothing quite so frustrating, as having to sit there for an hour+ with lord knows what happening to your machine ……….. while knowing that if you pull the plug you’ll just make it worse.

it’s kind of like that time a cat attacked my hand, and i had to stand there and let it finish. because pulling the hand back would rip it up even more.

had a free 4 gig flash drive waiting for the bootloader, and assumed that had been left alone. nope. what it did was put grub on the C:/ drive and Ubuntu 11.04 on the flashdrive. no matter ……… knew i was toast the minute Ubuntu did its install. on later thought—– would make an interesting “key” for your Windows operating system. boot without the flashdrive in its USB port ….. and all you’re going to get is the blinking grub rescue prompt.

knew i was fried up and declared bacon …. so performed a full system recovery on the netbook computer. that restores Windows boot, but also wipes out every bit of programming i had loaded. only redeeming thing, is that sometimes a fresh start is not a bad splashdown. Used windows to create a partition, and did the manual install of Ubuntu 10.10.

ran the update …….. making sure went through the list this time. something was consistently messing up the graphics of the Gnome desktop w/Ubuntu update. would destroy the function of the bouncy windows …. and make any video act schizophrenic. going down the list, under “suggested” that are automatically checked for install —– i found Compiz. the compatibility is not for the older kernal …………. not sure why they put it in, but to frack the old so you go for the new.

which ALSO does not have the bouncy windows. was like some demon from Ubuntu hell was deciding i was no longer allowed to have bouncy windows!

why do i like bouncy windows? for a pragmatist and efficiency expert …. you’d think it would be a strange choice. but not when you consider the USE and function of this kind of programming. anytime you go to move a window, are given an indicator on performance. a visual indicator …….. that those of us with visual acuity and brains that are counting every pixel……… well, is MUCH more consistent and accurate than the sort of system monitor running through 20 virtual interfaces before delivering results.

also, there is no constant watching a system monitor or any need to deliberate unless a flag goes up regarding the normal function of the windows.

see ………. the dumb dumb version of programmers (coming out of the woodwork) think it’s a GOOD thing to make a computer interface less sensitive. can take more parameters from potentially incompatible third-party programming. but anyone who likes to nip a problem in the bud BEFORE it totally flounders a system—you want to be making that UI programming MORE sensitive, not less.

it’s why the Unity desktop is the Freddy Cruger that gives Natty its Nightmare. full-screen display completely dependent on a virtual interface. it’s either going to completely work or completely not-work. but you won’t know any decent into “not-work” until you are there, right smack dab on top of it.

the entire foundation of the system …….. designed for mobile ……… is wrong.

and can i TELL you how ticked i am ………. over Windows programming their HID drivers or .NetFramework or whatever, to recognize MOUSE clicks as if they are FINGER-TAPS????? when are working code, and trying to cut and paste …………. that’s two extra clicks i have to make every single time JUST to put a blinking cursor on the line where i want it. first it highlights the word, then it highlights the sentence, by the time you’re done you’re ready to strangle someone. when you’re working code, that kind of programming does NOT make your job faster. it makes it more sloppy. then you have to redo it and that takes even more of your time.

so are left to SLOW down in your programming efforts, make three clicks instead of one EVERY time ………. all because these wunderkind CORPORATE programmers want to USE YOU… the desktop user …… to test-model UI’s for touch-tablet programming.

i feel like i should get a cut ………… for all the slow-downs. should get compensation of some sort. but that’s a weary thought.

am also the owner of 2 touch-tablets, and fact is that ANY screen-interface device is going to take more hand movements. yes, they are fun for playing angry birds. NO — they do NOT work as any viable alternative to REAL computing. YES, they work as sales terminal for a clerk to tap the screen. NO …. they don’t work for sitting at a desk to tap a screen. maybe if every human was born with a hunchback….

now that have 10.10 installed, with a few of my fav Linux programs … am going to play with few things i haven’t before. because this is it. programmers are shirking the more difficult job creating excellent desktops, and want to ride the coat-tails of virtual programming. …. would rather masturbate themselves into a house-of-cards like you see with the touch interface. yea, get ONE good engine and you can have hundreds of apps to sell based on that programming. you DO know that the foundation for ALL virtual programming is based on principles of gaming software? programming whose predictability is not a matter of FUNCTION, but of environment. if God designed YOU that way, you’d all be jellyfish out in the sea.

gives makers one element to frack any Operating System at their whim, …….. and that’s why they’re going this road. there is no other reason to be investing in such unstable platforms. gives the government power to blank out every device and put up an Emergency Alert System screen. which is good …but can’t do that without giving hackers the same power. the problem is in creating that power-base in the first place —integrating a non-disputable weak-point into computer science and function.

is it worth it? to be totally dependent on a UI that masks any and all function of the programming itself? you can’t even tell if a new program is a fast launcher or not, because a minimum number of cycles makes them ALL launch at the same slow speed. in Natty ………. firefox, which is usually BOOM ……… right there. will find yourself waiting the same number of beats as launching Gimp. it’s stupid. why slow down competent programming to keep pace with the incompetent?

but that is our world now. we gave up on making things better ……. and have settled on making them equally worse.


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