H.R. 5 repeal-IPAB: (R) say fleece taxpayer OK as long as Medicare $ goes to their wealthy friend

i get my ‘packet’ for insurance, with “well-visits” emphasized.  get check ups with blood tests, get a colonoscopy, get a mammogram.

IPAB is a provision of the Health Reform Act that sets up a committee to create or dismantle Medicare legislation MINUS congressional approval ……..to act quickly when medicine chooses one avenue or path to create MORE patients for more procedures that become more expensive.

today the House of Representatives is voting on H.R. 5 the repeal-IPAB bill.    what this bill DOES, is repeal the part of the Health Reform Act that monitors MONEY-OUT.

in the Republican opinion, it’s ok to make the taxpayer pay when those monies are going to the wealthy.  H.R. 5 ………… supported largely by Republicans and opposed by Democrats ………. takes away the blockaide for unlimited funding for medical procedure.  H.R. 5 would ensure CONTINUED gouging of the Medicare system by Medical and Pharmaceutical industries.

we all know the stories ……… as soon as the Medical Industry finds a loophole — suddenly it’s ‘necessary’ for everybody and their mother’s uncle to have this test and that drug.

natural remedies and holistic health have been fighting this battle for years …………….. IPAB is the path to the future in guaranteeing more preventative medicine and decreasing abuse of the system by the medical industry and its unlimited greed.  shutting those doors for them to no-longer profit from unlimited misery ———- means everyone is going to feel a great sight better.


it’s so crazy …. House passed the H.R. 5 repeal IPAB bill by 223/181


this is a party that stands on being against entitlement ………….. and yet now oversight to reduce entitlement and cut Medicare spending is ‘wrong’ in their eyes. politically, republicans are playing up angle now that they are “on the side of seniors” with this program. but how “on that side” of seniors will republicans be …….. when given druthers would allow medical industry to bankrupt Medicare?

H.R. 5 is dead anyway, and will not pass the Senate. neither will the budget bill ….. but have to wonder what kind of game the republican camp is playing. because if they continue to ignore any guiding principle to THIS degree ….. even the most dense constituents on the right are going to start scratching their heads.

we’ve known the GOP goals for a long time now. make the rich richer, the poor poorer. have your cake and eat it too — play both ends against the middle. you know a political faction is on the side of “wrong” when their only hope to stability— is for members to remain stupid. strung out on cash-phrases and an entitlement to hate their neighbor ………… hate those less fortunate rather than having charity. the one thing that Jesus pretty much makes no bones about is love thy neighbor. yet the GOP stands on this heavy christian platform with everything they can to hurt the poor and indigent.

boggles the mind how thoroughly buried in hypocrisy ……. tangled webs, and all. where is the principle? where is the BELIEF in principle?

the carpet bagger, the flim-flam artist ….. the simple lack of nobility. noble bearing …. an adherence to code and ethics. a personal law that extends farther than any legislation. a reason to look at the entire political showcasing and shake your head in disgust. good man knows what is right — doesn’t need a law to make him right.

a good government knows what is wrong …….. keeps bad men from portraying themselves as good.


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