Congress: if you’re going to READ what you want to say, why don’t you just shut up?

blows the mind that over half …. oh, maybe as much a 80% of the diatribe that goes on in Congress ———— is READ.

they are reading and i’m like, how much ‘effort’ does it take? if are just reading word for word whatever is written FOR you (and these are Congressmen explaining their stand — their OPINION on matters) …….. then why not have a Dallas cheerleader reading it? why not just submit the writing and not waste tax-payer funds on what is only a mouthpiece?

you get the really slow readers, and are going “yea yea, skip to the meat of it.” which if were reading it yourself, that’s what you could do. so how are we saving — what is being served by all these Congressmen READING their position like grade-schoolers delivering a book report?

i’m going to watch C-Span for a week or so …. try not to die of boredom, while taking a tally of how many politicians READ their opinions, vs. those informed enough to actually speak on a matter.

today, in the course of 1 hour ………… 13 congressmen spoke. out of those thirteen, 9 simply stood and read from a script. so that’s 69% …. and one i counted as “not-reading” went on to read a statement for the second half of his time.

in many cases the speech writers anticipated a more rehearsed and enthusiastic ‘read’ …… so you get a repeated word like “no” meant as an enforcement of rhetoric, to be read in the manner or a Baptist preacher. but the delivery is closer to Elmer Fudd does your high school history teacher.


6 Replies to “Congress: if you’re going to READ what you want to say, why don’t you just shut up?”

      1. More Like Too Much Mental/Moral/ Ugliness and lack of Integrity in the House…..but that is through the Eyes of Somebody Starting Their 1/3 Day of The Week and a Time of 0035.
        Take Great Care…….LenG

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