Shaking up the Sun: What has Java done for YOU lately?

Have watched and studied Sun Java from almost the point of its inception.  Watched while Microsoft came out with a better and more secure form of Java—only to be sued by Sun and forced to remove the better programming from their build.

Over the years, I also observed security programs like Norton stop the infiltration from a virus – files which are invariably found in Sun Java deployment.  Sun, or what is now known as Oracle—fails to keep pace with other Windows updates and programming such as Adobe Flash and Mozilla.  Always a month or two behind after vulnerabilities are discovered, Sun is also famous for leaving Windows programmers and Adobe to shore up Java weak-points.

Not a happy—not a happy programming AT all.  And lately I found out just how hard it is to fully remove Sun Java from a Windows system.

Even after uninstalling the Sun Java, my time was besieged by the unnecessary.  While looking for or doing something else, would find yet another Sun Java folder, file, or registry entry.  Backdoors left BEHIND, because gee—that’s just how they operate.  This time was really surprised by Sun Java having the cajones to leave in place a Java update program running at startup, when there was no longer any Sun Java TO update. 

Then of course, I found programming in hidden files such as the program data file—as well as deployment and cache files elsewhere. 

Just a nightmare to get that all cleaned up.  The one thing you CANNOT do without Sun Java, is play online video games such as those at  But is the ability to play a few games worth the security problems and garbage cluttering up your machine?

No.  And I’m a pretty big game-fanatic—so that says a lot.  Have been waiting years and years for Sun Java to get their act together.  Within the recent takeover by Oracle, and changes of management which included a former CEO from HP…I thought maybe there would finally be some on-the-ball activity happening.

But instead?  Am seeing Sun Java turn the corner into even worse directions.

Life is about trade-offs.  The good book tells us to not hesitate, that even if your arm should offend, you cut it off.  You pluck out your eye.  The strong man will do what is necessary when projections are dire. 

I am hoping that Windows, working with Adobe and other up-and coming programmers such as those with Iced Tea and Ubuntu … will eventually be able to shake the blight that IS Sun Java.  Because this type of ‘coffee’ is certainly not worth the jitters and instability it brings to an otherwise stable OS. 



Feedback always welcome

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