A Nation to Raise its Betters

from Facebook: “Go GOP..Lets see the liberal agenda hates religion…they dont want to be accountable for there constant lies( Obama) or kllling of Millions of children…they want u to believe being gay is ok and and its normal in every society u should try it, then go to the parade degrade yourself,paint your body, go naked scream hateful things at normal people..etc…oh and most people dont care what u do with your time but don’t try to indoctronate my kids into your lust with no bounds! The only reason why we are the Greatest country on this is earth is the consitution….which equals Capitalism which equals hard work and entrepreneurism…and not socialism or communism are forefathers ran from…which is the fabric of America and u can lie on elite media all u want but conservatives but they out number liberals 3 to1…..I could write a book about the liberal talking points play book but just dont have enough time to waste on this big LIE..” ~www.facebook.com

now, the first interesting thing about this, is the philosophy that “might makes right.” the belief or “understanding” that majority thought is automatically correct thought. so you have ideals that are going to go whichever way the wind blows.

have the misspellings ……….. the indications of poor education. so what groupings are the GOP rhetoric targeting, and how does this key-in with the Republican attacks on public education, school systems, etc.

you have the incorrect nature of HISTORY — which is EXTREMELY distressing to see. we fled COMMUNISM? lol …. yes, i hear King George was big into that. or King James — and the Church of England. we fled SOCIALISM? we fled that AWFUL european socialism? lol …. laughing inside, but really isn’t funny the EXTENT of that historical misperception. this person is taking TODAY, precepts of political climates NOW, and applying them as if the PAST had to have been the same.

that goes a little beyond ignorance, and a mistake normally seen only in children younger than 11. granted, is possible the comment WAS written by a ten-year old, looking to incite?

note the hypocrisy — complaining about those who “scream hateful things at ‘normal’ people” …. while they themselves are saying hateful things of such a generalized nature that can only qualify as bigotry.

(and i don’t “believe” in gay-dom …. while such statements as this make me think that maybe i should!)

so you have here a puppet-mouth. why saw no purpose in answering or placing a comment-response. i already KNOW the answer to ANYTHING that is said that is remotely contrary to the populist GOP stand.

the sort of irony to it, is the contention i have seen them repeat among themselves of late, that liberals or democrats are only “repeating” the same strictures or rhetoric they have heard. so that’s kind of funny. they get logic in response to their rhetoric, and think it’s canned due to the fact that it’s LOGIC and therefore inherently consistent. so these right-wing leaders not only making the followers into hypocrites, but proving to ALL how blind they have “created” this “following.” how non-thinking and reactionary. much like one would see in the middle-east, ready to riot after a prod or two from a terrorist.

*sigh* what to fight this kind of ignorance, matched with an entitlement to hatred — based on too much misinformation to even count? you’re not talking about re-educating large bodies of citizenry — are talking about de-programming them. needing to reverse the brainwashing somehow, which is NOT going to happen. we might chalk up the “flocking” instinct to weaker biology, which then seeks to “group” for the process to ensure better odds of procreation.

eh ……….. am saying, might be a function already in place — a societal phenom which the Destroyer of Nations (GOP) is only exploiting — not necessarily creating. i do not know how to “get around” the hatred that non-thinking or non-intellectual beings have for those of greater intelligence. you have to HAVE a certain degree of intelligence or education, in order to APPRECIATE those of greater intelligence than yourself. OR be raised with tenets that would dictate an understanding for respect. minus the respect and once BELOW that line of intelligence, humans are MORE prone to HATE any animal of more intelligence than themselves. of any prowess than themselves.

rather than caretakers of the planet …….. which after all, is what God charged man with in Genesis …….. they become self-serving on collective and very dangerous level.

is it safe to say a greater percentage of this “type” are residing in the Southern states? why? oh ……. bigotry is a symptom of deflected non-acceptance. in otherwords, the GIVEN reasons for ‘exclusion’ are generally not the actual reasons. why that exclusion is made into a “norm” or code of “moral” behavior/reaction. if you don’t find this group to hate, you will find THAT group to hate. the auto-exclusion of blacks was only replaced with auto-exclusion of smaller groupings. ummmmm … the ‘need’ for auto-exclusion is the problem. that psychological need to have a “base” or foundation of “people” that are ALWAYS going to be “lower status.” and yes, it is something inherited from the days of class-division and class-stagnation. while there seems no way to eliminate class-division …….. one way to keep TYRANNY down or at least at a low roar ……. is to prevent class-stagnation. does that HAPPEN at all, in a cultural base PRONE to find groupings or individuals INHERENTLY less according to NON-CHANGING factors?

so that works into the “feelings” of ENTITLEMENT to a HATRED. the perspective of being entitled to exclude and hate according to NO real precepts or CONSISTENT mandate of just deliberation.

you learn the hard way …. like when dealing with my own sibling …… that there is no argument you can give to “get through.” ummmmmmmmmm ….. especially when you are close to someone, you see the wheels turn. you watch as they shuffle through the memorized directory of “best comeback to this argument.” and i already KNOW that directory. having the discussion only allows me to test HER ability in CHOOSING the closest and best response. granted, it’s fun to throw someone ‘off.’

you enjoy it too much, and they end up calling YOU crazy! lol …. which is fun. only because i lived through it, to come out the other side and see just HOW dangerous this herd-like behavior can be when we are dealing with human beings.

school and learning should be DIVORCED from competition. we have SO many stories, so much in the way of pursuit in right and wrong. in correct and not correct. guidelines to “give” to the herd, so that they might cause a little less damage when riled into a stampede. but what is the point? only continues a useless process of re-programming those who never learned to think for themselves. who were convinced they had to “be smarter” and so took the path of MEMORIZED talking-points, rather than acquired understanding that incorporates LISTENING.

got any idea what it took from me to give up on my own sister? it took a lot — and i still don’t absolve myself from her state and dependency. and yes, as it stands those who go with the herd and the flow …. they will CHOOSE the path for a natural selection that limits free-thinker-listeners. or that traps into detrimental behavioral-aspects those who are potentially free-thinkers. we’ve seen it …….not exactly the marching soldier who got the brain damage from all the drugs, was it?

mostly when i see this goading of our “herd” within some ‘need’ to divide ……… separate themselves from other citizens and not “see” the inclusive nature or their situation …… i’m thinking that that “goading” at its root is from an enemy power. there really is no other conclusion at this point …especially when seeing the precepts put forth by “leaders” on the right are SO detrimental to future designs. attacking the federal reserve, (and i have watched these “items” blossom in talk on the internet and elsewhere) saying strong federal government is bad, and that more power should be given to the states, saying that to raise taxes is unnecessary —- while at the SAME time touting “capitalism” and all the cronies that are THE ONES LOWERING the value of the dollar in the first place — with an escalating desperation to generate profit. that is ONLY a wish to weaken government by starving it of funds. the weakening of the dollar is coinciding with the work to weaken our government.

when profit is not done by work, it is gained by deception. then for those who KNOW what honest-business IS …. really galls to see such ones SAYING that they ‘stand’ for honest business. is very much the opposite. what America is “about” is NOT cheating your neighbor. what Christianity is “about” is NOT hatred.

so all that is left is damage control. i do not believe that “reprogramming” is possible — and to have the “saying of the day” and CONTINUED programming for citizens who OPPOSE those standing to KEEP our equalities to citizenship, to KEEP our freedoms of religion, to KEEP our rights and allowance of speaking the mind. when the “herd” becomes galvanized to destroy any not indoctrinated to their oblique and hypocritical standards…… that is when you have the Rhinos popping-up. like the play i read long ago in high school English class. we were warned …….

to have those ‘following’ saying they are going AWAY from the pitfall of Europe — must be an especially juicy irony for those introducing the indoctrination principals of right-wing agenda.

no time for second-guessing. does it matter? not like i am a head of state or making any sort of decree. i sort of watch, take in — deliberate. it’s just that that comment, found on Facebook today —– is sort of the last straw or the icing on the cake, however you want to look at-it. even Christ says, if your arm is a liability — cut it off. the weak point. the point where are being “attacked.”

was discussing matters with K, and my conclusion was that IF you become one who draws lines —- that’s ALL well and good, until you find YOURSELF on the wrong side of the boarder. and i still stand on that. but i don’t know how we are going to make it as a nation—standing on that. standing on the precept of absolute and direct inclusion. does it help to be a non-hypocrite, a line of faith, frugality and instruction …. only to be a dead non-hypocrite? because we then need the willing-hypocrites among us, to EXCLUDE those who discriminatingly exclude others, based then on the logic or principal that one is not to exclude. the seemingly catch-22, but it is not. is hating those who hate blacks or asians or other genetics …… wrong? because are you hating them for a non-changing element of BEING — or are you hating them for what they DO, or THINK. for a damaging belief ….. held by those who NEED a lesser-being in order for them to ‘survive.’ if there were such a thing as “gods on earth” …….. those are the ones. not somebody who “gains” power — but who fails to acknowledge the inclusion of themselves within their own humanity.

so the principals by which to “fight” the growing nature of hypocrisy in our nation … is NOT a fall into hypocrisy. the definition needs more dimensions than can be easily related — but it’s there. there IS a foundation of moral right, in NOT tolerating those who do not tolerate. the principal of hypocrisy must be expanded from its dualistic and simplistic nature– no other course available ….

not when ignorance (the action of IGNORING what is in front of our your face for the sake of preserving a more-comforting BELIEF) ignorance is the opposite of evidence —when that ignorance is SO bad, our own citizens are believing their forefathers “fled communism.” THIS is what happens when you have TV and news programs doing the educating. THIS is what happens, when you put MEDIA at the helm.

i will say again ……



2 Replies to “A Nation to Raise its Betters”

  1. Not just media, but bought-and-paid-for “media”. I think they are both exploiting AND creating these kinds of people. After all, it’s in their best interests to keep the populace poor, stupid, ignorant and divided….if Jo Schmo goes to work and works so hard that by the end of the day all he wants to do is go home, eat dinner, crack a beer or ten and crash in front of the TV, well, that doesn’t leave much time for thoughts of insurrection does it? It doesn’t leave much time to think about the 1%, because he’s too busy being tired and thankful that he’s in the 99% and has a house, a car, a job, etc. The 99% has been indoctrinated to be THANKFUL that they are in the 99%! I mean, sure, compared to the rest of the world, most Americans have it pretty good. But we still have homeless and starving people in THIS country. I never see the GOP willing to tackle those problems, do you? I wonder why….hmmm… (see above rant about Jo Schmo). Keeping lapdogs like the one who wrote that FB post is very much in the best interests of the GOP.

    Gods, you covered pretty much all the bases, E. And yes, the South DOES seem to have a disproportionate abundance of these people…eg. the “Don’t say Gay” bill which is likely to pass here in the good ol’ state of TN. Ugh. Hypocrites, hate-mongers, bigots, racists, rednecks and inbred sheeple, YEE-HAW! The only thing I can hope is that there are more free thinkers out there to even out the scales, because otherwise, we are so f*cked.

  2. yea …. boggles the mind HOW f*cked. it’s like someone got the cart before the horse, and taught the sheeple to stand FAST to ideals, before showing them how to MAKE ideals.

    i always read back over my writings before reading and responding to any comments, so is fresh. and gives a wider-perspective of my own writing. did seem to take the long way to Grandmother’s house on this one ….lol! but remember being so frustrated after reading that comment on FB. was like watching somebody so panicked they’re swinging their arms around and ripping out their own skin and hair. like you know there is nothing to get through …. no words no nothing when it’s that bad.

    i don’t believe giving up —- but the brainwashing that’s going on has me stumped. myself, hardly watch any TV anymore at all. i CHOOSE what i want to watch or see at any given time.

    after being away from (cable) TV for a long period, if you go to watch it at somebody else’s house you can almost feel the re-routing of your brain cells in real time. 🙂

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