The Purpose of Songs

purpose of songs = emotive consistency

within a society, especially LARGE society — the spread and of songs and their emotive instruction — are fundamental to predictive reactions.

am not speaking of the lyrics, but ‘music’ —– which is a ‘keycard’ or instructions for emotive reaction.

NOW ———– what happens when songs are changed from generation to generation?

mom and dad JUST don’t get me. parents are LESS likely to pass on hereditary techniques to their offspring. a population is more open then to a “universal-type” of instruction.

what happens when those genetic types NEEDED those traditions to physically DO better? you have the diabetes, joint and bone problems, mental instabilities.

what happens when a society KEEPS the same songs ……….. like ours did once upon a time? do you remember sweet Betsy from Pike …..

that “keycard” or formula for emotive response is part of both and there is greater understanding as well as more CONTROL parents have with those children.

so what do we do? drug the children to make more compliant.

when you have cultures within a culture, with DIFFERENT songs and music ………. that will separate those people. what do we do? put the music on the airwaves.

on no! we have the music going to mp3 and more individualized! …….. your teenager can listen to “uncool” music and NOT get caught! what do we do? put files in file-sharing “clouds” and have them STREAM the music.

now ………… this is ALL because music is a keycard or directory to emotive response.

the human brain is programmable, highly programmable. that flexibility lessens as we get older.

point? perhaps somebody worked very hard to bring the rock and roll back and get at least 4 generations on an emotive level. is it natural for a child to HATE the music that their parents LIKE? probably not. probably a matter of conditioning, that once used-to and adapted to the emotive technique within the “new” types of music — any other will “rub the wrong way.”

they say music soothes the savage beast. well if that beast is society — may be right. but maybe it’s important to wake up just a little bit, and realize we don’t play the music ……… the music plays us.

you have your differences in class — listening to LOTS of orchestra. you have concerts ……. ever wonder why the lobby is SUCH a social area?

yes, and yes.

this is not hypothesis, this is theory. it fits. what to do? someone with some degree of brains needs to find out …. because the ones you raised on rap are sitting in prisons right now ———– WITH raps. rap sheet. what do you think? is that a coincidence or some sort of sick joke?

it’s cat and mouse. who? where is that cat …….. i don’t know. but i DO know that we have a lot of sick ones — ones with deep seated founts of animosity.

you know that one poet i have been disturbed about of late? i went back over the verse, and sure enough ……… it’s BOOM BOOM BOOM ……. always three or more accents together at once.

wheras my own melody is more fluid …….. often falling to iambic. now think of what IAMBIC is ….. pound your fist on the table like you are asking for attention of the room. boom BOOM.

what is a CONSTANT pound? (drives me crazy, by the way) that’s the person who always thinks they are right. who is translating and delivering what THEY receive in BOOM BOOM BOOM.

now …… i could sit here and HUM the base from that Mexican song that drove me TOTALLY crazy. in an apartment, these neighbors played a set of songs ALL with the same base. and all i was hearing was the SAME ten notes over and over and over and over.

if that’s not programming, what is?

i prefer to sit and think that there is NO big bad enemy using music to play with people and their emotive lives. i prefer to believe some sort of benevolent Being is in force and even though CURRENT modes are problematic, that it is just rough spots on the way to something better.

BUT …… you get older. and you take more notes. i would like to believe that ——– surely. living in states of fear, knowing your environment is so heavily controlled — really sucks. knowing much of it is done because an animal jumping around all hopped-up is more entertaining? that super-bites the big one.

many have tried many things. with digitalizing music, the same message in a background over and over. like the base. like the drums. maybe humans can overcome musical programming — but let’s do it all together. not one group working to have another dysfunctional and locked away.

that’s pretty low. even for us.

hearing well and those with perfect pitch –remember those vans ……….. would come around and play all kinds of tones asking for you to let them know if you heard the faint pings?

i was always the most trusting kid you’d find. never even OCCURRED to me to fudge the answers i gave. saw no point in doing that.

instinct ……… trust.

well ……… you are not going to avoid “music.” thing is, as adults i believe we have better chances for ruling emotions above and beyond any “programmed” response.

working together — working apart. a people a nation a hope for some kind of continuance. someday maybe i’ll see you around the campfire, and we’ll beat a few sticks together


4 Replies to “The Purpose of Songs”

  1. Can’t wait for the day when we can all just make music for the sake of emotion. Some do it now, and I feel like it will only get better thanks to the demise of the ravaging record companies.

    1. built-in degrees of purpose in psychological modification for music which becomes widely distributed — is very real. might be like any forum in life ….. you have the ‘good’ kings and the bad kings. just because there are ‘bad’ kings doesn’t mean all ‘kings’ are bad. industry itself a monster, though ……. with one rule seem to follow: absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  2. Like the artwork on this one. You point out some truths in this, E, but damn, mankind has been doing this (with music) since he could bang a drum. It’s a lot more dangerous today, society being what it is, but of course it’s a “universal language” – even without the lyrics, the bass and pulse of it inspires or incites. You make me wonder about people who have dissociative disorders (apathetic, not emotional) – are they affected by music at all? And does a difference in intelligence equate with a propensity for a different or certain “type” of music? Hmmmm….is there a “formula” for what elevator music to use/choose? Thanks for the thought-provoking post. I have no idea why, but am reminded of the end of “A Clockwork Orange”. Except it’s aural programming instead of visual…

    1. thanks on the art — you know, Clockwork Orange is one of the few movies i actively hate. lol …. get what you’re saying, though.

      mostly started thinking on this when considering the probability that every note “up” is aggressive and every note “down” is passive. in that the “song” then becomes a ‘map’ of “two steps forward, one step back” sort of thing. the charge and retreat.

      why we mellow on a downbeat …..

      i’m sure the psychology of just the “right” elevator music is set down in some manual on business management somewhere. much in psychology and manipulation are occurring of which none are aware. it’s a little overwhelming ….

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