Economics 102

money is a trade mechanism. the only way for actual value of trade to be determined is to do the math.

1 house = $100,000

1 car = 10,000

therefore, 10 cars equal 1 house.

when speculators move into a community, and start raising prices collectively on property?

so now your house is worth $200,000

is it STILL worth 10 cars?

if SO ……….. then do the cars now cost $20,000?

“bottoms drop” out of things mean NO ……… turns out that house is STILL only worth 10 cars. but NOW you can buy 20 cars for what it costs for a house.

what are you going to buy?

intrinsic value.

mostly found in that which has function — maintains price within flow of each through the very nature of TRADE.

money is the con-man’s tool. tender is useful, no doubt. and necessary —- however, never lose sight of the fact that the end result is TRADE. and always do the math.


2 Replies to “Economics 102”

    1. our perception of “money” …. value …. how it effects contentment. be nice if more did not equate contentment with needs and satisfying needs. that perception requires one to hunt down greater and greater needs, in order to “feel” more satisfaction. like the consumer junkie.

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