pondered incline

see that’s the thing
as female they slaver over the catty
the wicked intent

as a male the strike is harder
because men are ever better
at being the ass

worlds of presumption
cause only a laugh on this end of the string
and tin can

how little is understood
plays within confused and sharp
construction …

it is enough

see the dawn here was covered in clouds
i was awoken by a phone call
now i wish for more rest
but an impossibility

while the sky broils more and tells ALL
under its shelter that it will drop soon;

the blessings of life

we take so much for granted
where purpose is to dismay the casual following
dramatic pose
always the path of man as woman

presumptions and too dumb to know they’re dumb
is like feeling sorry for an animal you have to put to sleep;

bad intention
is always spooned from those who court death
nightmares of murder-suicide
the pain that reaches out to pain others

see, i can presume, too ……
and me
ever changing the light cannot peg

ever the same
because casual following requires consistency

all who comment this blog
know my base and foundation

those who don’t are generally mistaken
because to see
is an understanding of rhythm over meaning

vowels over definition
oh the monkeys … the monkeys oooooh ooooohh
and ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh
we transmit the REALITY of intent

what is mine?

to show that it does not need to be so
that communication is also listening …

hearing others
the fears
hopes and endearing faults

strength draws its enemies
but that, too

is wrong


3 Replies to “pondered incline”

  1. …. there is a “poet” on wordpress that is angering me of late. (He) is writing under the pen-name of a she, and just a nasty creature. it makes me sad when someone is good with words and their structure — but then uses that for sensationalism within drawing attention for the ‘drama’ and the ‘fight.’ not a lot you can do for them ….. i probably shouldn’t even try.

  2. Nope, you shouldn’t even try. He/she will be who he is and do what he does, regardless of anyone else. I don’t even know the person, so I can’t “judge” them, however, from experience with similar types of people, I can say that because someone using that kind of ruse is probably an attention whore of the lowest caliber, and therefore stuck inside the cage with his ego. (You know what I mean, the kind who just counts the number of “hits” and “comments” – gah, reminds me of the MySpace “poetic community” lol). You’re absolutely right though – half of communication IS listening. So many people don’t get that.

    1. quality of the receiver as important as the messenger —-so many have such poor reading comprehension. i think that bothers me a lot, and wonder if it’s somewhere in teaching methods ………. though truth is probably just are not doing enough reading.

      one thing why i don’t mind the texting and feel computer might be the saving grace to rescue us from TV. even video games with text and reading are better than nothing!

      lol ………… and yea, just like myspace. and you know how i was there — working to at least keep the worst ones down for the count. there is a fine line between edgy and vulgar. but i’ve seen barefoot hokies from the south manage to walk that rope without crossing the line. when done purposely is because that poet/writer is hateful. this one is up there with much the technique and ballsy verbiage of Alvarez …..but whereas Alvarez had compassion for his subject matter, this one drips nothing but scorn.

      then of course posing as a woman, makes it so that dripping scorn is greater than any woman would have or manage without going ballistic. so it’s a form of sensationalism, drawing the crowd that wants to see the melt-down.

      not worth the time — no. but the skill–or i guess i should say ‘talent’ since no polish — is there and a sad waste. and the funny thing about some of the more interesting writers, is they DON’T have much in the way of reading comprehension. (and for those with little comprehension—in previous sentence, note i said “interesting” … NOT “good.” lol ……… )

      some men are meant to go out and get their hands dirty. sweat at a real job and feel some validation. stick ’em in a room with a typewriter and it’s nothing but intent over delivery. if writing is the goal, perfected delivery will always outweigh intent.

      other words, they find a style to deliver a “right-hook” and just keep using it — because feelings of “power” for it make them wet themselves.

      and basically, what they DO, is validate the reader in whatever hatred they carry and nurse for other people.

      THAT’s why it pisses me off. just what the world needs ………….

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