Windows 7 Gutted Gadget Gallery

For awhile now, I couldn’t figure out why Windows removed most of their gadget options for Windows Vista and Windows 7.  The “Gadget Gallery” used to have hundreds of different gadgets to add to your desktop.

Then one day …. nothing. Or might as well be nothing — those they left up as a “token gallery” aren’t even the better gadgets!  It’s like somebody randomly chose from the least-popular.

You will notice they manage to keep the commercial-based Amazon and Google ones ……..

THIS time, as I resorted to scouring nefarious parts of the internet for Windows gadgets — it dawned on me, the WHY.

It’s to better-inspire users to BUY Windows 8!  Have recently seen some of the demos, and they are like an entire desktop of gadgets and instant access to programs.   And the conclusion is that Windows eliminated the Gadget Gallery to avoid being their own competition.  Which yea, they have a RIGHT to do that. But it’s pretty low.

Kinda goes in the same category as the used car salesman that puts all the better-priced vehicles in the back.  You see, I’m sitting there going, “What would it have COST them to LEAVE those gallery pages UP????  To simply continue giving ACCESS to gadgets for the Window’s desktop?”  And the answer is, it could cost them sales of Windows 8.

How many?  Probably NOT as many as the number of sales lost, when consumers realize that support for Windows-based programming is fly-by-night.  A bird in the hand, after all …. gentlemen.  A bird in the hand.

and for those looking for more desktop gadgets, thing about the Windows 7 gadgets is all you have to do is transfer the local files of someone who has them — to YOUR local files.

so under *user name*/app data/Local/Microsoft/Windows sidebar/Gadgets ………….. will find gadget files. once you add any files to that location, they show up in your gadget listing. (just be careful and make sure any files downloaded from the internet are checked with your virus scanner FIRST. Norton detected 14 viruses in one Gadget zip file that i found on the internet.)

“appData” is a hidden file, so have to enable hidden files and folders to see it. (control panel>>>>>>>folder options >>>>>>>>view >>>>>>>show hidden files, folders, and drives.)




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