From above to those Rebound

And Christ shall ask you
Who are you?

Yes I remember
The one refused

When asked for help
You gave me naught
But scorn
From every tear I bought

“The least of these”
Did not you hear? Yet somehow
found my words not clear

And now you ask to enter in?
The Kingdom that removes all sin

To give you mercy in your need
When you did not my servant feed

Please know then as I walk you through
The gates of Heaven — steeled with blue

For I shall gift each weary heart
No matter what themselves impart

And I will pay again …. again!
Each drop
For lives you didn’t defend

Was it so much
So much to ask?
To help your fellow man in pain
To guide his steps
To calm his fears
To wash away the dust and stains

But you refused!
Please enter in
Stroll the grounds, my dearest friend

I’d like to stay but I must go
Finish the job you left below
Please make yourself
At comfort, be
I’ll be right back once man is free

To stand himself with worlds of pride
The glory in my father’s eyes

And don’t you worry
Just know my shame
For banks of hurt
Braced on my name

Enter now, the joy and light
The angels shall escort your flight
And I will tend the hearts of Man
To carry out my Father’s plan

I hoped for help
That you’d be there
To answer and reward those prayers

But naught is naught
And time is time
And worlds will spin
While worlds unwind

Then Jesus shut the gates, and paused
A tear fell down and wet His face
Then once again upon the Cross
He found Himself your lacks to grace

He offered up His prayers to God
“Lord, they know not what they do.”
And so it is, and so it was
Each life, each death, each path renewed

I hope that once you find this tale
That you yourself will find a heart
To help a fellow man in need
To put the horse before the cart

To storm the ramparts — call them wise
And frame our days with songs of worth
To be what Jesus had in mind
When first was asked to save this Earth


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