Timeless Sight

the song is one– you bring it from your heart
such gifts from God, that only love imparts

the time you’ve had
to suffer and reflect
moves ever-onward
through each rise and set

of suns and moons
of stars that claim the stage
so do not envy
wisdom turns the page

to see the next horizon
what’s in store
is not the hope
that burns to each hope’s core

but brave
and honest
sworn to best and true

my dear
my dearest — always

that is you


7 Replies to “Timeless Sight”

  1. Wonderful to see your words here Eileen…a great way to start my day! The photo image reminds me so much of a place I loved to walk in Victoria…a place that inspired much of my writing the last two years. Hugs.

    1. thank you, Len ….. so much. i do what i can, to continue and grow as an artist. you too, do a really nice job when comes to photography and i enjoy your writes. the heart behind creation is ever one that seeks and hopes …..

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