What makes teeth ROT? a good defense is a better offense.

Oh I decided to research dental caries. After all this time, thought it could be good to KNOW what was actually going-on with my teeth– teeth that apparently and collectively have decided to rot out of my head.

First off, it isn’t “sugar” that causes tooth decay. It’s ACID. Granted, the bacteria that FEEDS on sugar and other food, is the major source for extra acid within your mouth. But the MAJOR problem is too much acid breaking down the enamel. And that acid being present because of BACTERIA.

Which is why baking soda is a time-honored remedy that many use for brushing their teeth. Baking soda is a BASE, that can neutralize ACID. Mostly teeth go through a breaking down/building up in phases — where the acid can break it down, and calcium and fluoridation build it up. So when the process for tooth care, is based solely on fluoridation while leaving the acids in place … you are looking at teeth that are constantly trying to play catch-up. And in my case, they often lose.

(And yes, this means the low-salt diet I was on as a child is the likely catalyst of my tooth problem.)

Once the bacteria is established, it’s not going anywhere — no matter HOW much you brush. So the better course within an infected mouth (which mine has been since age 14) …. is to treat the acid/base in the mouth. And to fight the bacteria as best you can.

Now …… once the bacteria reaches the sinuses ……… you have the congestion at night, forcing the mouth open to breathe. THEN you have less saliva AND a Ph value going into the acid-range. So it becomes a carousal that once you get on, it is hard to get off. What makes it worse?

Psych medications that dry up your saliva. Radiation to the throat. I’ve had both. So what is my best treatment?

Using sinus medication also dries up saliva (saliva is the natural way in which the mouth creates less acid and more base). Hence why we had Dentine telling us it would fix our cavities. It’s the saliva-production, that could be the same as sucking on a sugarless piece of candy, for instance.

Have decided my treatment will be a baking-soda rinse (2 tsp. in 1/2 glass warm water) shortly after eating — within 2 hours. Continued use of Listerine for brushing, and a dilution of iodine and water for rinse before bed. No more sinus medication. Nothing that would dry-up saliva production inordinately.

Could probably try to up my calcium with cheeses and spinach. For the most part, it’s too late and like shutting the barn-door after the cows have escaped. I don’t think I have a single, whole tooth. Not one. They are all decayed to one extent or another.

But maybe my simple explanation will help somebody down the line. I wish somebody had explained it to me.


4 Replies to “What makes teeth ROT? a good defense is a better offense.”

  1. First of all, wtf is up with the 2 posters above me? ^ Those got past the spam filter, maybe? Idk. Anyway, having gone through living with horrible teeth my whole life, I could relate to this on a personal level. I feel for you, girl. It’s the worst kind of physical pain there is, in my opinion. Yes, I wish someone had educated me, too, on how the process works. ALL kids should know how it works, because then they could educate their parents, who then might not buy them so much danged soda.

    Don’t know if it’s been recommended to you or not, but Chlorhexadine Gluconate is an antimicrobial rinse that kills off the bad bacteria. I still have a huge bottle of it from last year before I got my teeth fixed. It doesn’t taste that bad (about like Listerine, maybe not quite the same “bite”) but it can turn your teeth yellow. I hope you’re able to get your teeth fixed for good soon. đŸ˜¦ Know how much it sucks to have bad teeth.

  2. I don’t mind links if they pertain to the subject … it’s when you write a nice blog on something like going for walks and somebody tries to put up links to asian porn or something…these two were not done with a bot. Whoever entered the comments actually visited the blog.

    Thanks for the advice with the rinse….i got taken off the good dental insurance because medicaid inceased what i pay by 500% and didn’t notify until it was all lapsed. So now i don’t even know what is covered or if the good one picked me up again. I can’t afford the $82 this month so it’s going to lapse again

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