typical re-treats

i know you look at the ceiling sometimes,
counting the shadows
looking for some indication of a new

if the day holds sunshine you smile
and think on days of the past; remembering
that slurpee at the 7-11
and how you fought to get those last drops
of sweet

of syrup
sometimes you go to call someone,
and then decide against it. unsure of yourself
your needs

and lately you wonder how much noise
a person can stand;
as the world increases in volume
time stands on end

the night becomes day when you can’t sleep;
when you grip a warm cup of something
and stare at the darkness

thinking of life
and your place on the grander scale

when finally tired enough to retire
you pray for good dreams
but usually the morning comes too soon …

and you make lists
of what needs to get-done

but mostly it’s a weight
that makes you question the very nature
of belonging … of necessity

of what your place-is
of how things would muddle-on without you
but then you think of your good traits,
how mom and dad weren’t the best
but they tried to give you what you needed ….

how your life is a reflection of their hopes
but more importantly

how your own hopes are a reflection of their lives
a day that costs nothing
to breathe …..

and remain

the last in a long line of redemption and promises
worlds that go everywhere and nowhere

but most importantly …….. continue-on

i know you look at the ceiling sometimes
counting the shadows
the sky wide even when trapped
and bent within our understanding

but do not forget
do not let the mind slip to redundancies
…….. for all is carried
and then set down


3 Replies to “typical re-treats”

  1. This poem is beautifully written, creates a touching effect to ponder such as life and love and longing captured with perfect word sculpting ability, astute, yet a whisper just as rhymes that blend in and out, I thoroughly enjoyed reading.
    Thank you for adding to the group 🙂

    1. most don’t notice the rhymes, since they aren’t marked and apparent at the end of lines. and of course the purpose is to blend with a respect to the rhythm. we have our meanings in diction — but most communication is a rhythm of vowel-sounds. why you can say one thing and mean another. why ‘good-will’ is apparent and indicative of how you say something ….. not necessarily what you say. do appreciate you taking the time, and look forward to participation in the group.


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