darkly assuaged under

i learned webdesign because a computer is not prejudiced
if one is correct
the page displays

if one is not
you swear and curse
while going over lines and lines of code


the screw-up is there somewhere

is the point of learning to do things right for oneself?
or to prove that correction IS possible?

i always frown a little inside when somebody doesn’t
like should have known
to gauge
and save conscription the time

to conceptualize the draw of
the several aspects of conglomeration
and non-necessities to genuflect

where concourse will debate upon need:
my hope to PROVE
that skill is the desire
to inflict reality

aspirations will refuse to admit otherwise
leaving trials OPEN

each humility noted
each partaking of endless claims
the burst of writers who are more advertising-men;
the pen that reeks of opportunistic puddles


my words are never mine, you know
nobody’s words belong to them; the ache
the ache belonging to original conflict
that cannot be;
borrowed expression for the sake of perfunctorily inflicting ground:

the ideas are MINE — you cannot duplicate a notion
neural provocations mark each path of redemption:
to garner pride-in the thought
not the method; design switched and pitched like
a craftsman looking for the right tool ————–

speculations that form their own shovel — i take Q’s from the greats

my question

……………. one of discovery

not of myself
for myself
but a willingness to understand — to embrace
to love
to tolerate what is not me
the you
the giant other

the universe in puzzle
of all that is unlike-me

similarities too wide to map:

do not regret-me my method;
i but question a reach

the answer, invariably “no” each time
perhaps receivers
not yet born: those presently of mind
merely formatted
into delight of the simple and paradoxically stymied

it is a sorrow that burns very deep

exceedingly deeply

timing starts with rebellion
and ends with rebellion
and begins with rebellion ….


i learned webdesign because a computer is not prejudiced
hopes deplete the light of every day
for tenderness in teachers and prayer

end design
and a design for all ends


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