lunar timing

it was a flat and still silence
the kind of silence that makes your ears ring
a fog of empty knelling

on a silver blade
the moonlight was smooth and sweet …

she bit into the toast
honey dripping on a parched and naked counter

the tide swept anger out to sea —
she watched as the moon caught the last
of cloaked trepidations
driven by the night and the watchfulness

the window reflecting slightly a glint of yellow

her heart lept to the end of the Earth
and paused

every reason she carried
held between two particles of hope and love

a smile slipped into her wake —
arms that held home in the nature of their strength
claimed the silence …

a conviction of bold deliverance
as tender and keen
as the sharpness of every star

she set her hand to catch the tears
and stroked the long, cold lines of perseverance
the beat of a stronger heart sure as
every complex forgiveness in her sighs


4 Replies to “lunar timing”

  1. This is beautiful Eileen,

    I love watching the moon – often enamoured of the thought that we all see the same moon where ever we are in the world.

    On the same day that I see a new moon you see a new moon even though we are thousands of miles apart.


  2. true, David — all under the same sky. subject to the same time, the same fears, the same hopes the same emotions that make us human. humbling and empowering both at once ….


  3. I don’t see how you can stand to read so much of my blatherings at once! Feel like i should send you a thank you note and a basket of scones. 🙂 you help SO much in letting me know….and you have the IQ to see what i’m saying so i don’t feel like all is just ways that i am ‘crazy’ ….when ones who are brainless like my sister, call indignities i find crazy because they can’t see the depth. I just wanted to say thank you for seeing where my mind goes and not calling it nuts.

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