Victims as a control group

do not play the victim
do not BE the victim
raise the head high
march into the highballed future
braved and exonerated; the point of wholly

we are not equals
we are not feigned desire!

but the time has come
to preach your battles homeward
to the sky
the angels ever-vigilant
on Earth

the hope is in salvation! our God
our God will save us
all is as it should be!

where stands your fear, my friend?
is it of God, or fellow-Man?
control the soup in which you bathe
the arduous flow of stiffly-natured

we ALL believe!
that makes our viewpoint right!

not so
that makes your aspect night
contrast to every enlightenment —

the burden of your fear SO grand
will take your hopes in machination
founded upon the laws of random numbers

to enforce conceptualization in manufactured effect!

yet …… cannot claim even that! call it
WITCHCRAFT ——- and OUTSOURCE your machinations

your “mysterious” environment control
to a Deity — ask God to do your witchcraft FOR you!

i find it strange
that Victims flock to the nature
of controlled environment — whether deity
or the more honest witchcraft

notion is the same. i am not at fault!
this effected me that effected me
when i can’t FIND this or that
i’ll say this or that is guiding me
from behind

the victim of circumstance
the mud
made of action and tears

how do we face another day?

like the rest of the world:

with the knowledge that ends and beginnings
may not meet

they are not allowed to meet
to mete ….

do you ken?

what IS the victim?
an ineffectual cause — a frozen indignity

do not let ANYTHING …. religion or your own need for blameless …
lead you into the path of a victim.

sometimes it’s better to be moving/expressive
than it is to be innocent/right

sometimes it’s better to be vivaciously embarrassed
than compulsorily fawned

sometimes the correct path is one you walk alone

the victim roams an incorrect path walked alone

the two not mutually inclusive.
the day only settles into night
because the time is spent

purchased a memory
a picture of ourselves in another frame
what is fear?

the application and understanding of doom.

can you STOP an understanding? but by fooling yourself

do you EMBRACE fear?

is fear a body?
the total breadth of knowledge
its girth?

all is done DESPITE fear
DESPITE victim-hood

DESPITE our nature to mask and control

what is strength?
knowing to expect the unexpected
and when it doesn’t happen ……

knowing that an angel sits on every shoulder;
not only yours.

*thanks for inspiration go out to George Lucas …. “They are not victims – they are Heroes”


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