Magi Three

i give to watch the sunrise
i give to feel the rain
i give to flow inside of faith
i give to master pain

i give to be incendiary
i give to offer dust
i give to make the biscuit bounce
i give to conquer lust

i give for every nightmare earned
i give for every knuckle spurned
i give for all that takes it back
for every pared and bartered lack ….

and when i’m done
and see entropy through
i give to mark my time with you

where each shall hold its given place
and dawns are not what hopes erase

to found and make the daylight MINE
i take and live on borrowed time

i take to understand the cruel
i take to finish as its tool
to stream and gleam to understand
i take and measure every man

i take the thoughts and run them west
to where the east won’t find this test
i take while silence holds aspects torn

as other gifts to planes are born


4 Replies to “Magi Three”

  1. oh thanks! ….. it’s so easy for me to rhyme, that the greater challenge is to NOT — or to at least stagger the matching vowel sounds. seriously …. could be like one of those weirdos that can carry on conversations in verse.

    when i proof read writing like in my comments or in letters i write to family — i have to edit them to NOT rhyme! lol …. which if i’m tired i won’t catch them and it’s sort of embarrassing.

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