How to Install Angry Birds on Pandigital Nova

you can download and install Angry Birds from GetJar — the Nova system app store.


tap middle bottom of screen to open app list.

tap on the GetJar icon (be sure wifi is turned on).


tap “Categories”


tap “Games”


select the version of Angry Birds you want to install.


it will ask you where to save the download file.


a download arrow will appear on your notifications bar.


tap notifications bar and flick downward to open.

tap download and follow instructions to install angry birds.


angry birds icon will now show on your app list.

tap and play — have fun!


you can also purchase an ad-free version of Angry Birds at the Amazon app store.

Download Opera Mobile Browser for Android

remember that the more apps you have running on your tablet, the more energy that takes from your CPU. Angry Birds should be smooth and flawless — if it is not, use a task killer to exit programs are not using. (in Android, once an app is started it keeps running in the background unless ended) apps can also be stopped manually through the application manager.

Advanced Task Killer at

treat adding apps to your Nova like a dessert — not like a meal: you don’t hog down the whole cake. Android performs best if the user is selective in what apps are added. the Nova keeps a dual memory — so has 256mb to store apps, and then 256 reserved to run them. so it is programmed to NOT slow down from the over-stocking of apps. HOWEVER, any continually running program left on (especially ones like Opera, Youtube, etc.) will effect performance.

if you are unsure about adding apps, can always store the install files on your SD card and rotate them in as needed. will find there is a “Downloads” file on your SD card containing all the apps you have downloaded.

games can be memory-intensive. if more than 8 games are on your tablet, might want to think about which ones you like best and keep the others to install and use another time.

Tip: turning down screen brightness saves battery power.

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