Anonymous goes from hacker to common thief

well that did it — Anonymous pushed the bounds from “treachery” — to aiding and abetting felonious acts. which is enough to formally charge the group and justify the expense of hunting ’em down.

not sure what brought Anonymous into that range of stupidity — too much Christmas eggnog? maybe a Holiday suicide wish ….

or it could be that Anonymous itself, got hacked and taken-over by ANOTHER internet group, which then proceeded to wave its tail in the air like a fox trying to get the attention of the hounds. this is not going to be pretty. our government doesn’t like to have to get off its lazy but dedicated haunches.

evenso — am betting you can expect a headline within 2 weeks: “cyber-terrorists caught by Feds”

According to the Salt Lake Tribune …. the credit card accounts effected are those belonging to individual U.S. citizens, who just happen to work for companies that just happen to subscribe to one particular PR organization. not exactly definitive of semi-justifiable vigilantism. even for a group that stretches consideration for what is foreseeable from behind a mask.



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