the test

mostly they make for good traps and tells; life so much a downhill-scoop in reason
all you have to do is wait–
place the astringent and remarkable situations. i don’t know who taught me to emulsify condescension;
i think it happened when all else decided they had masters fastened to their gravely-honed dissection-boards–
immobile in my affront, where intentions and well-meaning stand as reflected answer
of mistakes and laughter. so i determined better! because a soul has a right. not many pass

or stay passed. generally only need wait for selfish to outweigh hypocrisy on its way to
fear flagging complexities in derision, above warranted stop-gaps. generally
i maintain peace–console myself you can’t know these, your brethren

not truly.
every heart is closed … but to judge by then opening your own; finding reaction
in consequentially matched identities: the same conclusion intimating the same premise:

i have yet to find an equal to my hope, would settle for a gram (at this point starved existence can’t be beggars)
one small iota in puddles of decency WITH adequate disclosure (the ignorant man is easily convinced of his righteousness)
horizons dark for all of us; the storm crescendos drive and sustenance
poetry will look for one likeness under bushels of trite marksmanship: discouraged foundations of endurance.
words will peer under leaves of aged and redundant trivialities–the world a stronger-place.

the balanced flush will ask if you care, in so many ways. if we are out-there, still. if principal stands. (no matter
crusty coats of burnished divinity and fire)
reasons to care and continue. there are some of us left.

true is a matter of growth …. not positioning. the move is slow, but there
i stand, only rock back and forth ….. timely. perhaps stubborn was always a part of firing-back.

the futility of passive innocence my first remark: to keep hope and decide on parts to salvage…..where
repair is the better option because it denoted the RIGHT in continuance: which otherwise
investment gives endless chance to allow screw up over and over? NO … i never considered creation that dumb

the gods of the sky, perhaps … yes
but not creation

keep your end of-times and swallow it with a jack daniels and borrowed-thought:
have fun with the acceptance of murder-suicide as your best choice beyond hope;
i will tell man and the machination that poison comes in all forms of hell and requirement:

creation ever-cemented my view — the standard in that which functions-purpose to beauty; no, she is not dumb:
talks to me
in the birds and painted-dream (launchpads of language): logic caught swirling amid the dust and wills for lighting the next day
with validations of consumption over poverty and property.
it is not good enough to avoid-death: you must grasp life! hold the meaning of worth in one hand
nothing in the other
decisions made that ‘man’ strokes evil are easily distilled and proven-wrong…. what is continuance?
transgression was always the divine–the measure of change. to not settle for ideas of second-best

what the day calls-for: go forth, and tease. make your neighbor remember that smiles
start with admissions of likeness, and end when we forget; when strange and stranger deports
nature to the wills of comprehension: for every God signals every spiral of every birth, every time we sleep.

the ratio to each man’s ‘never’
(the number is on your hand, by God! how could any foreswear?)
at the heart, soul and discretion– of who we-are:

what timeless became
and becomes

all you have to do is wait–
set the traps
and remember only angels have no home


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