Camp Fire Girls Manual 1914

my grandmother belonged to the camp fire girls, and i inherited her camp fire manual — as well as a few camp fire girls items.there is a dress and shoes, too.this week, i was able to get some software working that came with my scanner.  it can take any scanned typeset and convert it into a readable pdf document.  so i had the pages scanned already as images, and today converted them to a readable pdf format.

now — am doing this for historical purposes, and might even contact the current camp fire girls’ organization to inquire if they would like to have the file.  will put a few still-shots here.  along with the manual, were the sales-ad for camp fire items.  not to be cynical here, but you gotta hand it to these old boys for having a pretty good racket going.

the pdf file for the entire manual is 34.2 mb …. so will take a little time to download, even if you have high speed internet.

i will needs take down the camp fire material from ……. because i was UNAWARE the owners of were generating revenue via ads hidden FROM MY SIGHT as a member.  that makes posting pages of the Camp Fire manual here a CLEAR violation of copyright.  SO ……… i will place the material on my OWN site, which is revenue-free ……. and put a link to that here when am finished building the page.



have finished arranging a page on my personal website.  to download the PDF go to this page:

and you will find a link for the PDF file as well as some slideshows of single pages.


7 Replies to “Camp Fire Girls Manual 1914”

  1. Oh my goodness — I’m an old CFG. 50′ and 60’s. I recently met a gal and the one thing we had in common was CFG! We had so much fun sharing songs and WO-He-Lo etc

  2. Can I make one correction? I was a leader for my daughter’s group in the 80s and 90s and loved every minute. The name has changed as now boys are also part of Camp Fire. So when my daughter joined it was Camp Fire Boys and Girls, and it’s now just Camp Fire USA.

    I know what you have is from the days when it was just for girls, but the name, as far as I know, has always been two words – Camp Fire instead of Campfire. If I’m wrong, I apologize.

    Thank you for sharing. It’s great to have this information and this part of Camp Fire history as a reference for all of us.

    1. felt it was something my grandmother would approve, sharing the manual. she was a firm believer in keeping the past alive, remembering … and learning.

      my apologies for use of “campfire” as one word.

  3. I have a camp fire girls manual pretty delicate condition 1928 edition. it tells how to get all the honors pretty neat.

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