why intelligent liberals h.a.t.e. PETA

this is from a comment i made on another blog:

Don’t realize that CROSS A LINE.  and WHEN that line is crossed, end up with a WHOLE populace that doesn’t UNDERSTAND, even — that parading human bodies around like some curiosity (political prisoners executed in china that were stripped of their skin and filled with plaster) — is incorrect behavior.   what are you all body-snatchers or actually aliens from outer space like that movie with the funky eye-glasses?  point is, WHEN you cross that LINE …… the inevitability is that IF one is willing to be extraordinarily CRUEL to ones own species, then the FALLOUT is a factor of HIDDEN cruelty, or what one might term passive-aggressive behavior — toward animals.  so it’s a lose-lose situation to stand on those principals.  And man’s cruelty to MAN is on record as some of the most horrendous actions in history.  You want to go back there?  Stocks in the square, crosses on the hill, heads rolling on bloody streets.  You want to go back there?

family is ALWAYS more important than an animal.  if a building is burning, you get the BABY out — you don’t go hunting in the closet to save the cat.  you don’t RISK an emergency worker’s life to save a dog.  Lines have been crossed.  all mixed up now where they think animals are “little people.”  they are NOT.  i have owned cats, dogs, fish, birds, lizards … every TIME, all i see is ME taking BETTER care of an animal than those who think animals are people.  if i left my DAUGHTER in bad care, then you get to get pissy — but over a cat?  fuck no.  and yes, my family comes BEFORE a cat.  you are just plain stupid if don’t see it that way.

If I had to KILL my cat to serve it up as food for my daughter — or my daughter starves and dies — yes, I would do it.  Because I didn’t give birth to the cat.  The funny thing is, or ironic set-up you’re trapped-in …..is that what you are ignoring are your own animal instincts for preservation.  Just the SAME as those who consider animals extremely inferior to humans —- you are seeing humans as not a member of that animal family.  As set apart ………… just because the REASONS are different, does not mean you don’t carry the same qualities of exclusion and discrimination.  The crime in the south, was not that blacks were “treated inferiorly” … but that they were SET APART.  The exclusion from considerations under the same laws as (fellow) humans.  If you want true equality for animals ……. It has to start at home.  Are tackling it from the wrong direction …….. In my non-humble opinion.


but yea, the irony that those pushing for dog-saving and all else are ignoring their own instinct for family or tribal protection.  but fact is, then …. that they are humans without the capabilities for communal-care ….. or ….. “a thinking on-the-whole.”   willing to risk a human life to save a dog or cat ………. it’s because that human isn’t THEM.  are being mislead for the love of the drama, while ignoring the practicalities.  (if my son went in a well and broke his leg to “save” a fallen calf or missing dog —– i would kick his ass for being stupid)  those who would rather thrill to the drama than protect fellow HUMANS, are missing a part of the gene or code or something ……….. or indoctrinated at a young age to go against the instinct where protection in the sake of loyalty comes first.  sort of like how you can’t love others until you love yourself —- but on a different level where that premise actually works.

the problem i have is there is so much in lacks of education:  those going all-out in animal preservation who don’t see that they themselves are animals, yet at same time claiming a “great understanding” or an “affinity” for other fellow creatures on the planet ……… they are being set up by those who designed this path ……… they are being set-up to be hypocrites.

you can see the PATH of reductio ad absurdum in our cartoons of firemen saving the cat in the tree, or the St. Bernard saving skiers in the alps ………… that was a TAUNT on where they were going to SEND you, as far as a justified result, in that the greatest punishment to a HUMAN is to make a fool of them … and doing so while creating a hypocrite at same time is icing on the cake.

as have pointed out before, hypocrisy is the one and only crime irrefutable-proven as WRONG.  if you are really expecting judgment from a god or body ‘from on high’ …….. THAT is where he is going to stand.

and you can watch as more and greater percentages of the populace of the entire world — are being led to make hypocrites out of themselves.  and so you get what it means to be a devil … and the true facets of how guilt is determined in the realm of “misleadance.”

and how one must risk being a devil themselves, in order to turn the tide.  wow ………. that could be an entire theme for a book.  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  call it “hypocrites and devils”  …….. look for it next spring.


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