solution: crash report that crashes Ubuntu 11.04

how to fix crash report that has crashed:

the crash report is stored, and generating a window at start-up asking you “would you like to send crash report?” or something like that. no name, no specifics. you click ok, it asks for your password so you enter it. then the crash-report program crashes.

you go to the crash-file …….. at file system/ var/crash ……… and see there are files you cannot remove. this is how to get rid of them, and stop Ubuntu 11.04 from asking to send crash report:

  • open terminal window (click Gnome symbol above launcher >>>>>>More Apps>>>>Installed see more>>>>>Terminal)
  • enter:
  • sudo bash
  • enter:
  • password
  • you are now operating w/permissions
  • enter:
  • cd /var/crash

now you are in the crash directory where the crash files exist that keep generating the crash window on each start up.

  • enter:
  • rm [the name of the file]

(just the file name w/o the brackets — the files will end in .crash)

you will see the crash reports that have been generating a crash report that crashes — go away.


in reading the forums — all am seeing is “don’t worry it will stop in the final version” but in the meantime you are getting a crash report window auto-launch every time you boot Ubuntu 11.04 beta.   not only annoying, but any auto-launch window for an IT, makes the bells go off.

i think the problem with those crash reports, is the crash happened when you were in permission mode, while installing new programs, for instance.  so the crash reports were written in root-permission only format.  which the version of crash-reporter in ubuntu 11.04 beta obviously cannot handle.

that would be my guess.  for the final version they are planning to either allow it to send those protected-file crash reports.  or make so the system doesn’t write a crash report with root-only permissions.

i haven’t rebooted yet to make sure the crashing crash report has stopped.  but am pretty sure removing those files will do it.


removing the crash reports will stop the annoying report window, but the “crash-generator” comes up again and deposits ANOTHER crash report with permissions, when trying to run either the ubuntu install manager or the synaptic install manager.

so it’s a recurring thing.  i might have to reinstall the ubuntu OS on this drive — looks like pretty big prob.


update:  seems the last update run from the update manager fixed the problem with the crash reports.  also, i went through the trash and restored the crash reports that were NOT locked, that i had removed.  and the report program ran and actually went through that time.


update, 5/02/2011  ————–

system still working fine, now.  and seem to have less Compiz crashes over-all.  before removing any crash-file, might want to consult w/Ubuntu and ask best course. a crash file is used to give them information on how to fix the cause of certain crash problems — but if they aren’t getting it sent to them ANYWAY — i don’t see the difference in simply getting rid of it.

  the copy of Ubuntu 11.04 in question is written to a 500 gig USB external drive  — so if bellies-up you just start over. so far, though — hanging in there. am still seeing a lag in the firefox launch. in fact — every program takes about 5 beats longer to initiate when using the side buttons on the compiz launcher. (i think they call it natty narwal). so that’s like something, the kind of BS that most Linux users don’t care for and aren’t used to receiving from a Linux OS: design OVER function?

then i hear Novel took a dive, Microsoft bought and dismantled them — fired 800 workers here in utah — and the U.S. justice dept had to step in and allow MS to only “rent” the patents on some of the software they “conquered” from the open source players. and i don’t even know what or where ubuntu fits in on all this. but a LOT of shifts in the internet world. apple suing samsung, samsung suing apple, MS suing Nook, cats suing dogs ….


update 5-25-2011:

well i gave up (or as Sheldon would say, am “transcending the situation”), and reinstalled 10.10 to the 500 gig hdd.


2 Replies to “solution: crash report that crashes Ubuntu 11.04”

  1. if have another operating system on same machine (like Windows) could explore the Ubuntu files using Windows and attempt to remove crash reports that way.

    also, if there is data are trying to save — again use Windows to get to the files (control panel>>>>administrative tools>>>>>computer management>>>>disk management) and copy them to another disc. then reinstall the entire Ubuntu operating system — start over.

    other than that – need more info. there are like a thousand reason why might not be able to log on. if reached the splash logon screen — means the OS booted ok. if not, can try a recovery boot (under the boot options).

    if are getting the grub-rescue only on boot, try this blog for suggestions:

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