for richer or not-so blatantly renowned

watching the value of the dollar lose against the euro today, and wondering if there is a correlation to the jump in the dow jones.

when you have the various monetary elements of diverse nations losing or gaining on each other, there has to be a third variable causing the shifts. and it’s a little strange that the middle-east dinar has a set-rate-exchange with the U.S. dollar.

does that mean we own them, or they own us?

have decided to begin study of political regimes and parties; because when you think about it, what do i really know about the beliefs and ideologies of the ‘nazis’ or national socialists. what do i know on the tenets of marxism? pretty much nothing — but that certain ones are villainized and thought as automatically ‘bad’ with no corresponding comprehension of the precepts. the doctrine or the dogma that distinguishes one from the other.

we know communism is ‘bad’ and that fascism is ‘bad’ and that the idea of socialism is some sort of threat to ‘the american way.’

but as a general member of the public, who has paid a general amount of attention to these things …… what IS it that ‘makes’ them bad? what are the policies that constitute such a threat?

do i know? do you know? or do we just see “nazi” as bald-headed racists that murder jews, and fascists as overtly-anal control-freaks — communists as some sort of curse-into poor-dom that automatically equates with standing in line for toilet paper?

yet these are the opposition to our current ruling bodies, which we simply term left and right at this point — because democratic and republican … democracy and republic — these have lost meaning, and the ‘sides’ are distorted and often don’t make sense.

like if the republicans and the right are the biggest anger and affront to ‘socialism’ — then why are most socialist countries called republics?

if we are a democracy …….. why are the ‘republicans’ laying claim to “being” the most-patriotic?

so the world …… even listening to the german news, the same designations are going-on. there is the “left” and the “right.” which right away there, you have a bias. where the “honored” before God sat at His RIGHT hand.

the right is the name itself declaring itself correct. you are right. i am right.

then again …. in our current language, someone who always believes they are right, is considered to be an ass.

bottom line, is the politics drift themselves into two camps. mainly because when initiating fights and battles and wars — it just gets too messy and complicated if you have more than two battling it-out.

even if you happen to have a third faction, it will usually join one of the other 2, and after they beat the opposition … proceed to turn on the one they joined.

so am deciding to study some of these other political philosophies … so that if i continue to decide to “hate” them, i can do so in a clear conscience. reading Marx, i’m thinking we have much more than 2 classes in the modern america.

and if i were to decide to list the categories ….. what sort of classes do we countenance in american society today?

well, lets go bottom – up.

so you have:


  1. the street person who doesn’t bathe
  2. the street person who bathes and screams bible-verses
  3. the street musician who panhandles
  4. the panhandler who uses insanity as a persuasion-device



  1. the street-groupie who lives drugs and/or alcohol
  2. the drug-dealer who uses
  3. the prostitute who lives-with the drug-dealer
  4. the prostitute/stripper (that for some reason is always trying to get her GED)
  5. the unwed mother on welfare/public assistance


  1. the mob
  2. the drug dealer who doesn’t use
  3. the lowest class of workers-on-the-grid (factory, retail)
  4. smokers
  5. musicians and any young-men feeling the need to travel in packs
  6. those with poor language skills or obvious mental-lacks

haha i rhymed there

  1. black sheep who do drugs only once-in-awhile
  2. vampires, goth, and any other socially-outcast retards
    (the distinction between this section of middle, and the “low” is generally the ownership of a car.)
  3. you have the elderly that are border-line living on catfood, but still “socially respectable.”
  4. the retail and factory-workers who up their status and buying-power by mating and having 2 incomes
  5. college students and any young-adult still dependent on ma and pa
  6. the single worker in better-paying union or municipal job


  1. the service-industry jobs — nursing, hair-styling, car-repair, gardening, armed-services
  2. teachers, minor politicians, civic engineers
  3. married parents, whether working or not
  4. homeowners
  5. couples who own some type of small business
  6. any profession that allows for margaritaville-buying (impulse spending) AND can still go on extended vacations once a year


  1. anyone with white hair who attends church
  2. lower-celebrities who have some need to find purpose in minor-causes
  3. the clergy
  4. doctors, CEOs, generally any male that wears a suit and manages a pompous-air.
  5. trophy-brides — the skinny, the pretty, the HUGE make-up consumers, who use the doctors and CEOs to fund the fashion and cosmetic industries.

then we have the players:

and those classes are secret, for we can’t know too much about who is calling-the-shots.

generally they wear bermuda shorts and flip-flops and show up at small bars on the beach.

the major-celebrities are like their stand-ins, while the public raises stars up and tears them down like pseudo-rulers —- thereby leaving in place the other classes with no-revolutionary effect of disrupting the “order.”

if i had to guess — i would say this highest class-range has two main divisions:  those who masturbate, and those who eat chocolate pudding.


and of course …. there’s the poet. the last hero of the true-gentry. the believer in humanity — the caretaker of the people. the one who champions communication and discussion over fists and indolence.

and the poet may show in every-other class-range, thereby superseding each line and designation. the comic …. the song-writer …. the street person screaming bible verses that they made-up: these are the hope of america.

these are the consideration of wealth.


2 Replies to “for richer or not-so blatantly renowned”

  1. Kudos to you for having the guts to dig deeper! I know a little about all of those you mentioned, and I wish more people would take the time to understand the politics instead of having ‘knee-jerk’ reactions to them. Labels are all they are, really. Necessary to a point, but too often used and abused in the name of fear mongering.

  2. the whole pyramid … seeing those above/below. when those lines aren’t there for yourself, you can actually see how weird the actions and choices.

    can’t get out of my mind, this one boyfriend had once, whose dad was a doctor and they had a fairly nice house. but it wasn’t the getty. and it’s like he thought i would treat him differently or …. act fawning.

    and i grew up in CA where that’s pretty much the middle class there — guess in utah easier to impress. but fact is, he could have owned 20 houses — it’s how a person acts, that spells out their class. how they treat others. not how they treat themselves.

    stirring up the fear and directing the masses like Pinocchio on a string ….. oh you bet they did their psychology homework.

    the one great weakness of power … is the lengths taken to STAY in power. it is all so wearying.

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