new wallpaper set

for those with windows 7, the desktop wallpaper can be set to change once every minute, or 5 minutes or once a day.  and it comes with some very nice sets, already — for a pleasant desktop to your computer.

however, lately have found that a less-busy background is a little easier to deal-with.  most recent set i have created is called “ocean.”

click on image, then right click to set as desktop or save to computer


2 Replies to “new wallpaper set”

  1. right click desktop >>>>>> personalize. then click on “desktop background” and you’ll see the interface where you can select your wallpapers. can highlight many at one time to select, or check their selection-box.

    on “Change picture every:” use the drop-down box to set the time-frame. click ‘save changes.’

    to browse to downloaded or local image files for your desktop …. use the “browse” button and find the directory with your images. you can even set it to use your photographs as a slide-show on your desktop.

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